I BAN you...

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Game is simple. You are banning the person that comes after you. The question is, what are you banning them for?

<i>The person after me is banned for lighting fire to the rum.</i>
Im banning the next person for tainting the Dr. pepper >:(
im banning the poster of the subsequent post for crimes unbecoming a musketeer and utter douchebaggery.

also, because i am a self righteous tyrant with teh pwoer to do so!
I ban the following for unsportsmanlike conduct on the field of battle.
I'm banning the next person for leaving dirty underwear in the fridge. >:[
I'm banning the next person for speaking up against injustice and fighting Tyranny...I'm an admin now, I can do as I please. >;(!
I'm banning the next poster for Indecent exposure while IC
I'm banning the next person because they didn't like my indecent IC exposure!
I'm banning the next person for making me ban myself. >:[
Blocks the ban with a smoothering kiss and bans the next person for breaking up the kiss.