I BAN you...

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  1. "My father earned the respect and hate pointed at him, he owns it. Something I'm still learning to do." Anya sweep her hair into a ponytail, "He's the only person who'll see everything of me and accept me.. he deserve the same of me."
  2. "Be careful." Harmony said softly.
  3. "Family is suppose to be the only people who won't abandon you. Papa believes that.. it's the only thing he believes. I don't, when you have a mother like mine, it's hard to believe even blood. Maybe that's the only thing I can give papa after everything he's ever done, his belief of family."
  4. Astorath smiled before vanishing.
  5. I'm banning the next person for leaving dirty underwear in the fridge. >:[
  6. I'm banning the next person for speaking up against injustice and fighting Tyranny...I'm an admin now, I can do as I please. >;(!
  7. I'm banning the next poster for Indecent exposure while IC
  8. I'm banning the next person because they didn't like my indecent IC exposure!
  9. I'm banning the next person for making me ban myself. >:[
  10. Blocks the ban with a smoothering kiss and bans the next person for breaking up the kiss.