I ask a little Favor from everyone at Iwaku

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    Hey guys,

    I recently joined a contest on Deviant Art where my victory is dependent on a voting system.

    Here: http://abaddon13.deviantart.com/journal/poll/2297198

    I beseech everyone reading this to vote for my work. My name on deviantart is Paorou.

    What do you get in return?

    Well, I'm still continuing Iwaku suru Paorou, that comic I made a while back. The illustrations are just getting harder for me to work on, since I've lost my 'creative momentum' due to other projects in my art school. If anyone here reports that they've showed me support, I will continue it. I swear.

    In addition, If I win, everyone who has voted for me gets a nice little bonus. Just report in this thread that you have voted for me, and I'll make a family portrait-ish picture of the Iwakuans who voted for my work in that contest.

    So yeah, vote for me and I will do this for you. It's a promise.

    If anyone is interested, This is the work I am presenting in that contest. The theme is 'What if I was the son of Satan'.

  2. DAWN VOTED :D And not just because I support my Iwakuan brothers/sisters but because I really do like yours the best :B
  3. I voted : D


    guess if you really want a reference: [​IMG]

    bit shorter hair though >.>
  4. Just popped in to show my support. Man I haven't been on DA in forever. Looking at my stuff on there is frightening.
  5. I gave you your blood money... er, vote!
  6. There will be blood when this is over.

    I have marked the Mac for death.
  7. I actually voted a couple days ago! XD
  8. Do you need a DeviantArt account to vote?
    D: I think you deserve the vote. But I couldn't add mine, despite my clicks.
  9. Okie Dokie ah've voted.

    Also dude it's looking awesome, loving the effects you added to the background and such. Looks really good! Those ghosties are awesome xD
  10. You are an epic master of epic art talent epic mastery epic face epic epicness.
    * _________*
  11. NO.

    LOL J/K Yes
  12. I was vote number 29, good luck. :)
  13. I voted..I think I voted. Just click on the picture to vote, right?
  14. Voted and boat-floated.
  15. you now owe me one!
    you were tie 31 31 and my vote gave first place!
    When you have time to work in a drawing for me say something via PM.

  16. By the way did this image influence you somehow?

    Cause I thought of it as soon as I saw your image.
  17. Haven't seen that before, but yes. There are a lot of pics like it. I just prefer the pose.
  18. I VOTED FOR YOU! I feel like such a dirty whore ;-;
  19. I voted. I really love it! It was honestly the coolest looking one for the topic.
  20. Voted. For you.