I am unfaithful to this site, anyone wanna onexone? (Closed ATM)

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  1. I'll be honest, and if people I've roleplayed with see this will already know. I drop off the face of the earth with no telling. I try and stay committed but sometimes life and other things totally toss me away from this site. I want to ask if anyone wants to risk roleplaying with me. We can talk about plot and all that.

    I don't want to take on more than 2, really just one would be great. This is about the worst "resume" I could ever post but I'm being truthful. I appear to have a lot of free time ahead of me so I'd like to spend some of it roleplaying, because it's a nice release.

    Although plot doesn't really matter to me, I don't really want to dwell into some heavily mature things. I usually stick to mature just because you can have mature settings, as obvious as that sounds. Even without sex or domination or kinky things, mature can just be an adult roleplay whatever that may be.

    So yeah, reply or message me if you'd be interested in a chill, simple roleplay! I've made it a goal of mine to warn if I leave and won't be back, so I can say that me dropping off the face of the earth won't be without a warning.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice forever!

    If I seem rude, trust me I'm a big softy =D
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  2. I've been looking for a fun onexone c:
    Whatcha' have in mind softy? ;P
  3. Anything we'd like I suppose! If you want you can message me to smooth out all the details. If not, we can do it right here!
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