I am uncomfortably bored.

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    'nuff said.

    To the real thing:

    Male x male only.

    Please and thank you.

    I am up to ANYTHING, but this is what I like:

    I like:
    • Horror
    • Mind play
    • Abuse
    • The caged grey bird syndrome (You can ask me!)
    • Murderer x suicidal person (actually that can turn horrifically hilarious and it's mainly what I'm looking for right now)
    • King x Magician (more like the person who was taken to him as a prisoner and was asked what to do with him)
    • Dragon x Human
    • Android x Human
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  2. Murder/Suicidal person sounds good to me, if you want to mix that with mind play that could be interesting.
  3. You are my new favorite person
  4. The caged grey bird syndrome?
  5. I'm interesting in quite a few of those themes, I just have two questions. One, would you be the seme or uke in said MxM relationship, and what's caged grey bird syndrome. Google didn't help.


    @Dreamtief and Gijinka Queen:

    The caged bird syndrome is a relationship in which the "bottom" person, or the weakest in the relationship is held captive without their knowledge, it happens in a way that being locked seems to be "ok", or "correct", that is, like living in a fish tank, sort of like Rapunsell and her mother, however in this case the "bird" is usually overspoiled or over treated by the captor, and is not allowed to even speak to anybody else at all. It's sort of like stockholm syndrome, you just don't know you're even captive to begin with. However these relationships tend to end up in either murder or suicide, in the worst cases, since the "bird" usually finds out after a while, just what exactly is going on.

    [MENTION=5501]Gijinka Queen[/MENTION]: Uke, I can't handle semes as well as I'd like to.
Thread Status:
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