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  1. I never thought I'd need to repost this game again but...


    (Rules, 1. post only when you are the only one online 2. there are no other rules, Hopefully this will be the only post for a while...just bored XD)

    *sits in Diana's comfy chair while drinking hot chocolate from Asmo's coffee mug, watching chaos porn while snuggling with one of Rory's generic girls and wearing Sakura's fuzzy slippers. Piro's newspaper lays on the table under torsty's axe, which was used to play airguitar with earlier, and hacking away at the Mur-Plushies on the TK shelf.*
  2. Ray

    He landed in his building and walked through his super air blower that he used to get the smoke smell off the suit and him. "That was interesting. You were watching through the feed?"

    Dylan: "Yea, you really want the girl you like to leave town?"

    Ray stopped in his tracks and looked at him. "That's not exactly the important detail I was referring to. The patch."

    Dylan: "Oh yeah, guess that crazy government agency is back in town. What was it? Knife? Blade?"

    Ray: "Dagger. A secret military organization created to enhance kids into trained fighters for illegal hit squads or something." He tossed an object to him. "I swiped this off of him. It's his comm set. I want you to hack into it and get us patched in so we can listen in on their plans. I want to know why there are back in my city." Dylan nodded. "I'm gonna go change and then get covered in grease from the exoskeleton project."

    Dylan: "Better to smell like a garage than a burning building. Which you still kind of do, go through the machine again."

    Ray: "Thanks." He walked through his extreme air blower and got the rest of the smoke smell off before he went to get changed.

    Dylan: "So are we gonna talk about how you told the girl you like to leave town?"

    Ray, from the other room: "Bite me, Dylan."