I am so clever~

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  1. Hello friends!

    I’m understatedEloquence! ^.^ But you can call me any of the following;




    -I’m a Pansexual, and bigender, so really you can think of me as any gender you’d like.

    -I’m often told I’m an old lady in a 19 year old body, hehe.

    -I am a strictly 1x1 Role player, and much prefer M/M :)

    -I am new to the site, but absolutely NOT new to Role Playing ^.^ I’ve been writing for 13 years, and Role Playing for 7.

    -I am an English major in University, due to finish in the fall of next year. I take all of my current classes online, so I am online more often than not, and use my Role Playing as a sort of homework, hehe.

    -I’m actually very friendly, and adore making new friends, so please feel free to message me~

    Thank you~ ^.^
  2. Why hello there ladymister with a beautiful username! Welcome to our site!
  3. Ah! Thank you very much ^.^ I'm really very exited about being here~
  4. Welcome to our home, and hopefully soon to be your home!

    I'm October Leche, nice to meet you. I used to be a knight, but I lost my knighthood one morning in a tavern (Drinking at 8am is a good way to lose things) Now I just go by the title of Leche, but everyone calls me October...ANYWAY

    You seem like a cool person, I hope you stick around.
  5. Thank you, Thank you~

    It's very nice to meet you, October ^.^ I plan to stick around for a while at least.