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  1. Hello out there to all you other roleplayers! I'm Zaiden, I forgot what it means though. So, I don't know of a nickname for the name 'Zaiden', so just call me Zaiden. Unless you can come up with something, then go all for it! I don't mind. I will also tell you that I am a female. Is that weird? I don't know. I'm a girl and I only roleplay males. Maybe it's a little weird, not too much though. I'm seventeen, and have been roleplaying for about two years or so. I actually started roleplaying on a site called WolfQuest, (I don't know if you know what that is, but yeah). Basically, WQ made me realize that writing was a great way for me to express myself and release many tensions. As for my roleplay preferences, uhm... Well, I've done onexone's, groups, by two, chat roleplays... I want to say I've tried most of it, but I might be missing one or two. I've tried a majority (better?). I prefer onexone's, it allows for the rp partners (in my opinion) to really get to know each other and develop their characters thoroughly. There is also room for the roleplay to go at a slow, smooth pace. I don't write fast, for me it is important to give my partner a good post, so I can take a while to reply.

    A little bit about me and my writing history, if you're interested. Basically, I was bored. It was as simple as that, I was bored and needed something to do. I tried a game online and liked it, I later found out about the roleplaying. I was so nervous at first, I didn't understand roleplay very well. But then I got the hang of it, and I loved it! I became obsessed. The thing was, my roleplay partners disappeared and by then I was used to their styles and characters. So I started writing for myself, and I loved it even more. Writing has become my world. It is all I do. I write and write and write! It's my freedom, my ability to create and destroy and be whatever. The excitement that I associate to creating a character or creating a story is so great, I cannot understand how others do not feel it! So many people call me strange, antisocial and so many other things because rather than socializing I'm writing my stories in my head. They simply do not grasp how much my stories mean to me, and that is alright. I understand not everyone is so passionate about it. Not too long ago, I started hitting blocks in my writing and decided I should take up roleplay again. I've had a few in the past few months but only one truly lasting one. So, here I am searching for some lasting and stimulating roleplays!
  2. Well hi there Zaiden! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Zaiden!! Welcome to the community!! I just saw your roleplay resume! Would you like try something out? :D
  4. Thank you both for the welcomes! XD

    @Alexa: I would love to try something out with you!