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Whats goin iiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!! :omg:
I've seen you lurking for a while.... Good that you finally said something. ;p
I'm Kitti, welcome to Iwaku!
If you need any help with anything, please ask~ ^^
Happy playing.
Nice to meet you Kitti, I'm Ninja.
And thanks for offering to help me out, I'll need all the help i can get :P
Welcome to Iwaku.
Nothing is going IN! O___O That's an out exit only!


I mean, hi and welcome to Iwaku! :D
Welcome to our humble warren of death and destruction happiness and bunnies. Or something like that.
You sound like you should be a super hero.

Don't mind these crazy gold diggers. They'll only claw at you for your eventual pension.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Newbs will be newbs. Don't worry. We'll pwn.
Radd! :D

I mean... *coughchokeweeze* ...Ice Ninja! Hey there!

*being secretly secret*

o-O should i be feeling fear and weakness right now??