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  1. Whats goin iiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!! :omg:
  2. I've seen you lurking for a while.... Good that you finally said something. ;p
    I'm Kitti, welcome to Iwaku!
    If you need any help with anything, please ask~ ^^
    Happy playing.
  3. Nice to meet you Kitti, I'm Ninja.
    And thanks for offering to help me out, I'll need all the help i can get :P
  4. Welcome to Iwaku.
  5. Nothing is going IN! O___O That's an out exit only!


    I mean, hi and welcome to Iwaku! :D
  6. Welcome to our humble warren of death and destruction happiness and bunnies. Or something like that.
  7. You sound like you should be a super hero.

  8. Don't mind these crazy gold diggers. They'll only claw at you for your eventual pension.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  9. Newbs will be newbs. Don't worry. We'll pwn.
  10. Radd! :D

    I mean... *coughchokeweeze* ...Ice Ninja! Hey there!

    *being secretly secret*

  11. You weren't...serious...were you Fel?
  12. o-O should i be feeling fear and weakness right now??