i am looking foor an rp partner not just a one off

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  1. so I am looking for a m/f romantic roleplay I enjoy fantasy so vampires princess and her body guard anything really in a fantasy setting so yeah pm me and lets have a chat.

    also i'd like someone who is active on the site.
  3. awesome so any idea's what kind you would like to do?.
  4. I liked that Vampire and body guard type of thing
  5. okay so lets say your a vampire princess and I am the body guard who is tasked with protecting you.
  6. yeah lets say
  7. hello are we going to do the rp or no? just wondering and sorry for leaving fast
  8. oh yeah sorry lol I will start it now
  9. okay it is all ready for you
  10. Oh lolz its ok i you didnt need to do that so fast
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.