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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Random, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. 'Sup.

    I'm basically searching for RPs right now since I'm trying very hard to get back into this, but it's tough finding stuff to catch your interest sometimes, especially with ominous and vague titles.

    So, here's my wishlist:
    • Fantasy/science fiction, particularly in which characters have special powers, are very much my thing that I like to do a lot.
      • That said I will probably try to find loopholes in things and generally munchkin the crap out of the system.
    • Anime-esque stuff is pretty neat due to their amazing capability to withstand a full-on Cerebus Rollercoaster, which are awesomely fun to play through and possibly trigger.
      • also its usually pretty weird which im cool with tbh
    • If the game runs on anything even resembling Old Man Henderson-tier crazy awesomeness just sign me up now.
    • I prefer original characters and settings. I can fill a general role, but I don't want to have to "cater", per se, to a certain and highly specific atmosphere.
    This list will be added to and changed around as I feel like it.
  2. If you're interested my sister is looking to start an elaborate Zombie Survival based RP
    This isn't your normal Zombie Rp though...
    Can You Survive?
  3. Huh, what the heck! I just applied to an RP of yours, but even if my application doesn't work, fancy taking a look at the link in my sig? You sound like you might be the closest match to what I'm thinking of running!
    Keep in mind that I don't mind in the slightest if you don't, but here's why I think you might like it, spoilers left black so you can highlight 'em to read:

    • The cast will start out completely human, albeit slightly futuristic, but with the potential to acquire certain abilities over time.
    • I dunno if you're familiar with Shin Megami Tensei, but if there's a rollercoaster of cerberus, I wanna bust the speed controls!
    • I'm an old-time storyteller, familiar with all kinds of pen and paper. Though power is not the high point of the game, I like players who keep me on my guard... So long as it's kept fun for the rest of the playerbase. ;)
    Feel free to take a look; or not, as you like. Good luck, happy hunting!
  4. @Verdegris
    Gah, I want to join really badly, but it's an 18+ RP, so it's off-limits for me...
  5. Ooooooh... T_T Well, darn.

    I'm not planning to post anything exceptionally violent or sexual, but I often feel like discussing mythology, religion, politics etc gets even more people riled up than some of the more 'red room' stuff, or whatever it's called here. I might lower the rating if enough people express interest and assure me they're willing to be level-headed about stuff, though?.. I'm unfamiliar with this site, and really don't wanna tread on any toes.

    Also - don't worry about the other thread, I like people working with me/telling me what doesn't work about my stuff! It's better in the long run, and I'm replying to it now!
  6. I'm cool with that. In terms of the stuff you mentioned, I'm pretty firmly atheist, so things like mythology, philosophy, and religion couldn't trigger me if they tried. I've found the site really accepting of themes like that. Iwaku is hardly Tumblr, so you shouldn't have many problems with acquiring a playerbase. If you decide to lower the rating, let me know.

    That's good to hear. I do worry sometimes that my attempts to level with people when it comes to things in character sheets come across as rude, so I appreciate you telling me.
  7. In that case - thanks for putting it simply by the way, you read my mind - I'm gonna remove the age requirement, and replace it with 'a please don't apply if you're gonna...' section. That's actually a huge burden off of my shoulders, too, you've got no idea.

    Please feel free to be as blunt as you like; I'm never in a rush to get things done, and so long as I'm not bothering you, you aren't bothering me!
  8. Wow, I have quite a few RP's that I think fit that description rather well! XD

    Fandomstuck definitely has all your essential fantasy/sci-fi elements, due to it being a crossover. And it has that anime-esque vibe along with good ol' fashioned crazy. :P Also, because it's a crossover -- and one that technically doesn't even feature that many canon characters, at that -- you also don't need to worry about that "trying to fit a super-specific world" sort of thing.

    Omnibus Academy is similar to Fandomstuck in that it also contains a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, and definitely has the general craziness factor and an anime vibe. It also feels a lot like a crossover RP, even though it's non-fandom.

    Altera Arcana is another fantasy RP of mine, although this one doesn't have the same zaniness as the others. I was trying to create a somewhat more 'serious' RP for once. :P It does have a shitton of worldbuilding, though, if you're into that sort of thing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.