INTEREST CHECK I Am Bored. Again. RP, Anypony?

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  1. So I'm bored. Again. Too excited for the 'Carnival of Souls' Masque thingy to even log off Iwaku for more than an hour, lol... So I wanna RP with someone!!!

    I have three Ideas, I've tried one before but it never really worked out cuz my partner pewf'd (-sniffle-).

    Before I give you the beauty of these three ideas, you must know something about me. -Serious face, then turns to stare out window to make things epical and the atmosphere of the room gets all dark and serious-

    My posts... are many. I am on so many times a day. But alas, I have not yet mastered the art of four huge-ass paragraphs in one post. I can do one medium paragraph, perhaps two, but only at the beginning. -Whisper- Only at the beginning... After that it's more like... two to four lines plus maybe a quote... maybe more if I'm really intrigued or hit by a stroke of genius. -turns back to look at you with narrow eyes- So now you know. WHAT WILL YOU DO!? We shall see. We... Shall... See.

    -Sudden lighted cheery atmosphere- So anywhooves! Here are the three ideas! ^^

    MAGNIFICENT MINDBLOWING IDEA NUMERO OON-OH! (Will more than likely be in the Mature section, so you should prolly be over 18. If not, we can make it work, though.) : Phantom of the Opera (Y'know, new girl in the opera theater, is the daughter of a famous violinist, is trained all her life by a mysterious 'Angel of Music' who turns out to be a horribly disfigured dude, but maybe in this one he thinks he's horrifically disfigured but all that's wrong is like he's an elf or a mystical creature or something and they fall in love and BAM sexy time. Maybe. If you want.)

    NEVER-ENDINGLY EPICAL-TASTIC IDEA NUMERO DOSE! (Will DEFINITELY be in the Mature section so PLEASE be over 18. Please?) : ..... Shit..... Brainfart, gimmie a second.... -Digs through notebooks and loose paper like a madwoman then pulled out a supersonic screwdriver- AHA! Doctor Who!! But not just ANY Doctor Who! I want to either play with David Tennant (picture included Just in case you're like 'Uh... David Whooo?') OR you can make up your own Doctor. Just not Matt Smith. That guy is just... -Disgusted shudder- Fu-hu-gly. But I'd like to be the damsel in distress. Maybe you come to my time/town to stop an invasion of Da'alecks or Metal Men or something and you end up saving me and finding me worthy of being a companion then BAM! Romance... Maybe... If you want. (But oh-so-much witty action!!)

    RANDOM IDEA THREE THAT I JUST PULLED OUT OF MY ARSE! (Will probably be a group RP if enough people are interested.) : Three words. And if you are a Brony (or Pegasister, either way), you will enjoy this. PONIES TURNED HUMAN... Well... A pony/human hybrid nekko thing. But still. PONIES!!!!! (Dun dun DUUUUUUUNNNN!!!) I would be Rainbow Dash. My human name would be Rainlyn Bow Dash (First, Middle, Last, mushed together is... Well, y'know.) My picture will be as shown below. Our transformation could be a result of a curse or we could just be humans the whole time, don't matter. If I get enough people interested in this one, it may turn into a GROUP ROLEPLAY. (Then it may be like a highschool/college kinda thing or something. I dunno yet.)

    SO! There ye have it. Now then. COME AT ME, BROS!!! (In other words, post on this thread or PM me if you are interested in any of these <3)

    Oh, pictures. Yeah, Durr...

    DAVID TENNANT (Doctor Who, 10th Doctor): View attachment 16588

    Rainlyn Bow Dash:
    View attachment 16589
  2. Well, I suppose it would only work as a group RP unless it was like two specific ponies on a quest or something. I, of course, would be Ranbow Dash. I haven't decided on details yet, I figured I could talk with anyone who was interested and set up details...
  3. Details me brah.

    Lets do this.
  4. Well I was thinking perhaps it could be like a school thing, where everyone is a bit... different... then they start to do research and find out what they actually are then go on a search for Celestia (who would probably just still be a pony) To see if there was any way she could help. Or something... -hangs head because that idea sounds weak...-
  5. I had a similar idea once long ago for a group based deal like this where there are several male bronies (in denial of being bronies) and the ponies appear due to some magical/cosmic force, as well as the fact they need to show the brony boys…THAT FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC *shot*

    Celestia would pose as their adoptive mother and all, blah blah blah…Yeah.
  6. -Giant shiny eyes- That's an awesome idea. You are amazing.
  7. Pffft. It could have been way better.

    So, shall we do this? *tries to hide the fact one of his favorite ponies includes Rainbow Dash*
  8. Hm. Well, did you want to just do a onexone or a group? And who were you planning to be, because it would take a LOT of begging for me to give up Dash.
  9. Either is fine. Maybe start off as a 1x1 and do a group later so we can improve upon the story?

    Nuuu. I would rather stay a dude.
  10. Okay so are you looking for action, romance, bad-assery? Anything in particular?
  11. Action, Romance, Bad-Assery, Perhaps almost all the above? :D
  12. And where shall I post this awesome amazing romantic bad-ass story?
  13. Yeah, I don't wanna ruin ponies with creepy pony smutness lol. Any ideas on a title? >:T Haha "Lead a Horse to Brony-dom"
  14. No no that one is perfect. Brony-dom.
  15. Yay :D I shall link you momentarily.
  16. I am interested! Only I want to be Shining Armour!!!!!
  17. Okay well right now Mister Wrench Pro guy and I are doing a oneXone. Would you be interested in that? Until I can come up with a valid group RP anyways?