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  1. Good day friends. So I posted a while back and now I thought of even more RP ideas!

    Let's start with the info:

    ☆ I play smut if plot calls for it. I play really gory/violent scenes, so please be okay with this if the plot calls for it!
    ☆ tell me if you have any triggers!
    ☆ I mainly prefer MxM/FxF, unless it's explicitly obvious it's hetro!!
    ☆ I post once a day ish - my daily schedule is horrendously chaotic so don't expect speed of light!

    ☆ Pairing Ideas ☆
    (bold - my preferred role)
    • Feminine male x masculine female
    • Serial killer x detective
    • Bully x victim
    • Rebel x Jock
    • Troubled student x Teacher
    • Obsessive fan x star
    • Scientist x experiment
    • Exchange student x home student
    • Demon x human
    • Cupid as human x human
    • Psychiatrist x patient (Think Hannibal x Will Graham)
    ☆ Doubling ideas ☆

    • Trainee doctors
    • Folie A duex serial killers x victim
    • CSI team
    • Rival sports teams
    • Person of Interest

    If something caught your eye, tell me which one and maybe we can talk about it, thanks you friend!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  2. I'm interested in Obsessive fan x star, and Demon x human if I get to be the demon. As far as I know, my only trigger is pedophilia, but I think that isn't even allowed in this site. What do you say?
  3. Both pairings sounds good to me, I'm totally up for it! And yeah, I don't think pedophilia is allowed anywhere D:
  4. I wouldn't mind RPing the Serial Killer x Detective, Troubled student x Teacher, Scientist x Experiment. And besides pedophilia, I suppose use of bathroom excrement kind of squicks me.
  5. I wouldn't mind doing the masculine female thing, but I have a few ideas in mind :)
  6. Sure, sounds good! You should PM me about your ideas!
  7. I'd like to do the scientist x experiment roleplay
  8. @Axy Feminine male x Masculine female sounds interesting.
  9. Scientist x Experiment, Psychiatrist x Patient, & Demon x Human have peaked my interest! If you're still looking for someone to work those plots with, I'd be more than happy to do so. (:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.