I Always Blink... And Come Back.

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  1. I vanish a lot... I'm sorry. :\ I'm trying to get back into the groove of roleplaying again, so I'm going to come back. Half the folks may not even remember me. The last time I was here, Cerulean had just stepped down as a mod. D: Dunno if that changed or not. Hmm.

    Anyway if anyone wants to hit me up, I like to RP in onexone's or groups of three or four. .D
  2. Welcome back im new also well not new to roleplay not new to the site and Im always looking for one x ones etc etc Im actually up for one now if you want but anyway welcome back
  3. I love your icon. :B OC or is that from a show?

    I've been here a while, so I'm not new... But I go through periods where I vanish for months. Oy. Hang on, I'm getting reaquainted with the new layout. D: It looks like a whole different site now, holy hell. Also, I may need to change my icon. Oldbananas.
  4. Welcome back! I'm new, so I don't remember you. Like your name though! We could start a carnival! And put mind-control in the cotton candy! We'd be rich and famous... >:]

  5. I do not know where my icon originated
    and I see I vanish from places too but hopefully you wont vanish on me
    I could help you find an icon if you like
  6. WELCOME BACK! 8D As it turns out @Cerulean is back on staffies. >:3 you can pet him!
  7. :bouncy: pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me! pet me!

    Anywho! It is good to see you back, old friend! I will be looking to rp sometime. =)
  8. Bard, that sounds fun. XD

    Typhoon, the art on my icons is always art I make. .) The OneXOneathoner banner I just made was my most recent one, which puts this one way out of date... Only because it's an old paint style I used to do that I got better for, and am way too lazy to revamp. I might just keep it though. I like it.

    Diana, XD I'll be sure to bring cupcakes in case of bites.

    Cerulean.... Don't bite me. Here. Have a cupcake.
  9. I love the art and hopefully we can rp with eachother glad to have you back
    also ..Took cerus cupcake.. thanks
  10. It's ok, Jay. Jester most likely laced it something to make going to the potty and immediate idea.=D
  11. wtf would i do a thing like that???? is this the face of untrustworthiness??!?!
  12. ..... I got to go to the bathroom...
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  13. Hey, welcome back Jester :)
  14. Welcome back to Iwaku ^^
    Hope you get to start some great stories ;)
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