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  1. Hello! Just another little cravings post.

    I would love to do something Hyrule Warriors related. Preferably with OCs, only because I wouldn't do the original characters justice. I was thinking for a plot, its 175 years later, the new Link and Zelda have been born, grown up, etc. Something goes wrong and and a new Ganondorf/Old Ganondorf is either reborn along with the two heroes, or is reborn through his life shards. And Link and Zelda disappear, so our characters go on a hunt to stop Ganon and find the heroes, becoming heroes themselves.

    I dunno. Something loose ^^

    PM If you're interested :D
  2. Still searching !! ^^
  3. Quick Bump. Still on the hunt for a partner or two ^^
  4. I love the idea of a Hyrule warriors rp but I'm not to sure about doing it with Oc's. The reason why the game charmed me so much as it did was because of all the Zelda characters you could play.
  5. I'm totally willing to try using the Canon characters. The original post was just a plot thrown into the wind ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.