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  1. Alright, so, as [MENTION=1735]Rokku Hizori[/MENTION] can testify, I am HYPER tonight.

    Everyone has those days we're just brimming with energy and it seems like everything's right in the world. Well, what makes you hyper?

    More importantly...

    What's the weirdest thing you've done while hyper?

    I think what I just did tonight was one of the weirdest things I've done while hyper. My friends in school, because of a stupid inside joke, call me boobie. I'm looking at you [MENTION=842]The Lightning[/MENTION]. Anyway, one of them texted me just a few minutes ago saying "BOOOOOOOBIEEE!" and I responded by saying "*JIGGLES* I MEAN... YES?"
  2. Ohhhhhhh yes. Yes. Hyperana is a Weridiana. ^^"

    The weirdest thing I think I've done while hyper was role play with my niece and nephew. We were superheros. I was Aqua, the one who controls Water. Bri Bri was Pink Silverness (fuckthewhat, I know...), the one who controls Lightening. Princeton was Ice Man, the one who controls...well...
    men ice.

    We went to a public park.

    And fought 15 demons, 5 split among the three of us.

    In a public park.

    I was all into it. Doing cartwheels and somersaults and cute poses...>////>

    "Oh, yeah? Well, let's see you dodge this! Water....Cyclone!" *Cute little spin and arm flailing, pushing a big wave of water towards the 3 enemies who dodged her.*

    In short...waving in front of me at absolutely nothing.

    You can blame it on the gummy worms. -////-
  3. A good roleplay gets me hypered up. 8D I am instantly chatty and FUCK YEAH!

    I can't remember the last time I did anything crazy while hyper, though. D: I am one of those boring subdued people that controls their wildness under a mask of propriety.

    But teenage Diana once drank a pot of coffee and ran around the house declaring to her family "You know what! I could totally be a lesbian!" o__o;
  4. I very rarely get hyper. I'm too calm of a person and I have access to a medicine that makes me even calmer. xD

    On those rare occasions that I get hyped up though, it's pretty wild. It'll happen if I drink bold coffee after a while of not having any. Same with if I have one of those Rockstar energy drinks or something, and sometimes even Icees because of all dat sugar. As you can see, I need some kind of substance to make me hyper...

    The weirdest thing I can remember is back in my sophomore year of high school, my 18 year old friend, Tom, was like "Look guys, I got Red Lines." (Which is an energy drink you must be an adult to purchase.) So I drank like, half of one. During my Japanese class. o__o;

    ... I was twitching, giggling, throwing graded assignments at people... And while we were taking a test, he said I was clicking my teeth a lot like a piranha and every time I was satisfied with an answer I scribbled down, I'd nod and slam my pencil onto the table. Once I was out of class, I sang "IIIIN THE JUNGLE, THE MIIIIGHTY JUNGLE~" at the top of my lungs. :| My then boyfriend threw away the rest of the drink, that bastard.

    So yeah. That.
  5. I don't have anything crazy I do, since I use most of my 'hyper' energy at work or working out.

    I guess when I get all jacked up and have nothing to do I post a lot here on the forum and sometimes pace the floors of my house....crazy, I know > <