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  1. So I'm reading this book called 'Hush, Hush' about this girl who gets a new partner in Biology class and this guy is dark, mysterious, secretive, and addicting. He seems to always know what the girl is thinking and he knows how to both intrigue her and confuse her. Ever since meeting him, he seemed to be everywhere she went and she begins encountering a mysterious dangerous man in a ski mask who seems to want her dead or seriously hurt. Another guy transfers to her school from a private school and he acts secretive as well and she finds out he's a suspected murderer. She has to deal with this creepy guy while trying to find out who exactly her Biology partner really is while trying not to fall in love with him.

    And then she finds out he's a Fallen Angel.

    I haven't gotten that far into it, but I figured this RP won't be exactly like the book anyways, so we could just set up the plot and go from there.

    I'd like to play the main character and her best friend, and I'd like you to play the Biology partner and the Transfer student. I can play in the encounters with the ski-masked guy in my posts, since he really doesn't have much to do with either of your characters.

    Other details can be discussed later, just PM me or post here if you're interested!!

    I'm in Job Corps, so I do not really have the time to read OR POST long paragraphs. I mean, I will sometimes if I'm extremely interested in the RP, but if I'm short on time, I don't know how long the post will be. I WILL TRY TO MAKE POSTS AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, It just depends on how much I am given to work with.
  2. First off, Patch is sexy.

    Second, well...good luck :P I loved the series <3

    ...random comment.

  3. I finished the first book and all I can say is.... YAY!!! I want the next ones!!!
  4. Crescendo and Silence are just <3
  5. I hate to also be off topic but those books are THE BEST. Just hearing about them makes me want to read em again! If you do get this roleplay going I'll read it! lol
  6. Lol that's a big if so far.
  7. I'd be in it if there was a girl part to play. I just don't think I'd make a convicing dude. Especially in a mature sense....
  8. OMG! Hush Hush! I loooovveee those books- I just need to get my hands on the last one. I would be willing to attempt Patch, but I've never really played a guy before....and I'm not sure how much experience you're looking for...
  9. Yay!! I dont mind any levels of experience, so we can discuss details?
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