Hurry, Before They See!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. I am going to say the name of a member on this forum. It will be someone who is online right now.

    OUR GOAL is to post items we're stealing from that person and try to get as many as we can before they notice and post in this topic shouting STOP!

    That person will then pick a new member to steal from. Someone that is online. And we continue. >:D One item per person posting! No double posting, now!

    Fun, yes!

    So I'm just going to steal Trance Kitsune's ferrec fox plushie and hope she doesn't notice! 0:D
  2. YAY Saku's gonna steal Trance Kitsune's favourite kitsune drawing so sneakily that she doesn't have a clue!
  3. Steals Trance Kitsune's Favorite Trance mix CD.
  4. Steals Trance Kitsune's computer.
  5. I shall steal TK's left kidney.

  6. I'm just gonna steal Trance's crayons so she can't color the foxes! >:D
  7. I will steal...TK's photocamera! Yes! I'm sure there are still good pictures in there...
  8. This time I am stealing TK's socks-making sure to only leave mismatched pairs!
  9. I stole Trance Kitsune's LUNCH MONEY ! :@
  10. I'm stealing TK's underwear from her drawer...she won't miss it...probably...
  11. I'm stealing TK's soul!! Yum!!!
  12. HEY!

    *Bitchslaps everyone*

    I'm going to steal Sailor Shiny's food.
  13. Oh my, I am soooo taking Sailor Shiny's Tuxedo Mask doll!
  14. I claim Sailor Shiny's skirt!
  15. LOL @ Diana (Good she doesn't need that!!)

    Takes Sailor Shiny's shinyness
  16. I'm just going to take Sailor Shiny's hot yaoi boy rp and there is nothing she can do about it! >:D
  17. I steal Sailor Shiney's shoes.


    What? I need shoes.
  18. I stole Sailor Shiny's best lead pencils.
  19. I am not going to steal anything from Sailor Shiny, because I want some of Diana's goodies.

    'CAUSE SHE'S A SAILOR, RIGHT??????????