Hurry, Before They See!

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  1. I am going to say the name of a member on this forum. It will be someone who is online right now.

    OUR GOAL is to post items we're stealing from that person and try to get as many as we can before they notice and post in this topic shouting STOP!

    That person will then pick a new member to steal from. Someone that is online. And we continue. >:D One item per person posting! No double posting, now!

    Fun, yes!

    So I'm just going to steal Trance Kitsune's ferrec fox plushie and hope she doesn't notice! 0:D
  2. YAY Saku's gonna steal Trance Kitsune's favourite kitsune drawing so sneakily that she doesn't have a clue!
  3. Steals Trance Kitsune's Favorite Trance mix CD.
  4. Steals Trance Kitsune's computer.
  5. I shall steal TK's left kidney.

  6. I'm just gonna steal Trance's crayons so she can't color the foxes! >:D
  7. I will steal...TK's photocamera! Yes! I'm sure there are still good pictures in there...
  8. This time I am stealing TK's socks-making sure to only leave mismatched pairs!
  9. I stole Trance Kitsune's LUNCH MONEY ! :@
  10. I'm stealing TK's underwear from her drawer...she won't miss it...probably...
  11. APRIL 14, 2017

    "I appreciate you calling this meeting...and not giving me a heart attack like the last time." Stephen Noyes, CEO of Noyzee Productions, turned in his swivel chair with fingers steepled to face his guests. He tried not to let it show and considered himself a composed enough man to feel fairly confident that he had a steely countennance...but some of the people sitting across his desk were more than a little unnerving.

    Emily Sternit and Lucrezia Louis were familiar faces. The former was obsessed with Natalia Elmore and, for all her power, that very understandable focus made her at least somewhat predictable to him. That was an important element in his interactions with the immortal redhead. He had seen -- and experienced -- her power firsthand. She could kill him with a thought, but while he remained useful to her, he could anticipate his relative safety in her presence. The younger redhead beside him, Lucrezia, was even more predicable. She had a girl-crush on Emily the size of Tokyo Tower. That was something he could always rely on to make dealing with her easier.

    It was the two newcomers, the men, that had him uncertain. The tall and wiry man, Lorentz, looked quite comfortable, relaxed, even amicable as he quaffed yet another round of sake from a small porcelain cup. But there was him. Noyes watched the man listen to the music he had helped create on the elevator ride up to his office. Most people were visibly affected by it in some small, subtle way. The music was geared to make people anxious, off-balance. It wasn't one of his mind-controlling rhythms, but one that made made others just enough uncertain about themselves to give him an edge in difficult business negotiations. Emily, Noyes knew, resisted the effects through sheer willpower. Lucrezia was not so blessed and it showed in how she anxiously tapped one high heel on the floor. However, this man, Lorentz, seemed completely unaffected. Noyes had never seen anything like it.

    Then there was other man, also tall and lean, but far older with a dapper beard and close-cropped hair that had long since gone completely white. He had a severe expression on his face. Everything about him screamed control and discipline. Noye wasn't at all surprised that his anxiety-inducing elevator music did absolutely nothing to him. Like Emily, this one had willpower to spare. What bothered Noyse was the knowing look he gave him with those ice-blue eyes. It was as if the old man knew exactly what Noyse had tried to pull and thought his efforts had fallen far short of his standards.

    "Ms. Sternit has a business proposition for you, Mr. Noyes," Lucrezia began with a slight hitch in her voice, yet another subtle hint at his music had gotten to her. Now she was impatiently tapping a finger against a thigh. She cut an impressive figure in her white blouse -- tight around her shapely bust -- and the black pencil skirt from which long stocking-clad legs stretched out for seemingly forever.

    Noyes appreciated the view and smirked. "Always willing to work alongside my business partners on a mutually beneficial venture. What can I do for you today?"

    "Natalia Elmore is now in a controlled environment, but she remains free," Lucrezia continued. "If we are to obtain her, we need third party assistance. She cannot know Ms. Sternit is involved."

    A light bulb turned on in his head. "You need the Knights of Repose."

    "We believe frequent engagements with the Knights will weaken her resolve over time. Perhaps even offer Ms. Sternit an opportunity to become Natalia's ally in defending her against them."

    Noyes frowned in disapproval and said in low tones, "I am not sacrificing my best to the meat grinder. This meeting is over."

    He reached over to press a button on his desk to summon an escort to see his guests out, but the lean man, Lorentz, suddenly grabbed his wrist in an iron-clad grip. Noyes didn't even see him move. He gave the other man a look and his heart nearly stopped. A feral grin spread along Lorentz's lips. He seemed less like a man and more like a rabid dog seeking fresh meat and an easy kill.

    "I wouldn't do that, if I were you," Lorentz said smoothly in an elegant tone that belied the animalistic expression on his gaunt face. The lean man reached into his long coat and drew out a metal ballpoint pen. He released it into the air and it floated seemingly of its own will over Noyes' captive hand. It came down lightly, point-first, on the back of his hand. Then Noyes felt it pushing in. It became painful, but hadn't broken the skin...yet. Noyes struggled to break free, but Lorentz's grip was as strong as metal itself.

    "That's enough, Lorentz," Emily interjected. The pen's descent halted, but neither it, nor Lorentz's grip, came away. The immortal redhead leaned forward. "Stephen, despite my associate's...vigor...our proposition is not meant in any way to bring harm to you or yours. I want Natalia Elmore. You want an opportunity to deploy your music to the masses. I am willing to give you that opportunity."

    Intrigued, Noyes carefully said, "Explain."

    "There are eight-point-six million people in London. Your limiting factor has always been mass exposure of your music. There happens to be one location in London that can achieve it for you." She nodded toward the older man with the severe face. "This is Thomas Aegil, the headmaster of a rather prestigious school in the heart of London. He can make...arrangements...for your music to hit every single man, woman, and child in the city." She paused. Then, "You don't want to know how."

    Noyes looked at the older man, Aegil, with great interest. Then he turned back to Emily. "I still refuse to give you my Knights. I've seen what you can do, Emily. Who's to say that Natalia won't be just as dangerous?"

    She nodded to Lorentz. "Lorentz."

    The lean man finally released Noyes' hand and the metallic pen floated back to its owner. Noyes rubbed his hand. Lorentz's smirk never left his face, though it lost much of the predatory tone for one more mildly amused. He said, "I happen to have an associate who can alleviate much of the danger in a combat situation," Lorentz explained. "I hear you have a thing for the young and gifted. My associate is both. His gift will ensure that your Knights will always be safe, no matter whom they face. I'm going to loan him to you, as long as you loan yours to us. Ironically, he, too, is a knight. After a fashion. I call him...the Blood Knight."
  12. HEY!

    *Bitchslaps everyone*

    I'm going to steal Sailor Shiny's food.
  13. Oh my, I am soooo taking Sailor Shiny's Tuxedo Mask doll!
  14. I claim Sailor Shiny's skirt!
  15. LOL @ Diana (Good she doesn't need that!!)

    Takes Sailor Shiny's shinyness
  16. I'm just going to take Sailor Shiny's hot yaoi boy rp and there is nothing she can do about it! >:D
  17. I steal Sailor Shiney's shoes.


    What? I need shoes.
  18. I stole Sailor Shiny's best lead pencils.
  19. I am not going to steal anything from Sailor Shiny, because I want some of Diana's goodies.

    'CAUSE SHE'S A SAILOR, RIGHT??????????