Hurricane Issac

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  1. Just watched the latest update on the hurricane, remembers how many times he said nothing will happen*

    ...........​I'm FUCKED!!
  2. Can I get your computer if you die? ^^
  3. Oh pish posh. You won't die....

    Wait, am I in your will? You better put me in there before you die by Isaac's hand! I want your money dammit.
  4. He's my servant so I must be in his will... I won't let you get anything Mom Dx
    I order you Tenchi to only put me and Misuki in the will!
  5. Fine. I'll just get all your money when you 'mysteriously' die anyways.

    But if I am not in Tenchi's will, he is forbidden to die!
  6. I forbid him from living if you aren't in his will x9 I'm his master, he listens to me xD
  7. Screw Isaac. It's Red you should be worried about Tenchi.
  8. Ugh. I'm being made to evac, so I'm right there with ya. This is tedious and throws off my routine. >.<

    Okay we have like one hurricane every year... but people rarely gets hurt and it's more rare that anyone dies ^^ Plus, there hasn't been any where I live :D So come live with me ^^ The middle of the country is the best place to live since we barely have any hurricanes, floodings or things like that :) Oh and we don't have any earth cakes either :D

  10. My dad says we're staying put. This worries me, ever since Katrina.
  11. Yeah, without a doubt. I wasn't here for Katrina, but moved down about 3 years ago. But given what people have told me and how this one is looking, I'm happy to get out of dodge. Though this is damned inconvenient XP
  12. The unnerving thing is that Isaac is supposed to hit us exactly seven years after Katrina, to the exact date. It's also taking the exact same route as Katrina did. That's what worries people.
  13. Wish that thing would go hit Texas instead.. so the remains kill the worst area of drought!
  14. Sacrifice Britney Spears the the hurricanes so they stop targeting you in punishment.
    Also, be safe you guys. =(
  15. Now I am seriously getting a tad worried. I hope all you Southerners stay safe. Or Churchy will be very sad. D: