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  1. Hullo fellow peeps,

    I'm trying to get back into rping and need some lovelies to do so with!

    Things I'm into these days include: Demons, angels, robots, AI, magic, gods, some sexiness here and there with a bit of humor. I'd love to do a otherworldly magic couple or even a whole family of humans, deities, elderitch monstrosities, etc. living together. Naturally though if you have your own ideas, especially if they're kinda out there, let me know!

    The only fandoms I'm into right now are Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, though I have some catching up to do on that one, and though I hate to admit it (but sometimes one must accept that they are actual trash) Homestuck.

    Suggest something or just state any interest and let's do this thing!
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  2. Ah, fellow homestuck trash, I've finally found you! I don't know which of your ideas I like best, but I think we can definitely work something out :)
  3. Sweet! : D
  4. interested!!
  5. : D What you thinking?
  6. I am thinking the gods or some magic.. I am not sure..
  7. I do love godly antics, we could do both magic AND gods if you would like~
  8. Sounds like it could be fun! Pm?
  9. Oh dear but I was also wanting something paranormal..
  10. could we do some angels and demons? :3 pm me if you're interested (it's okay, I'm trash too)
  11. Hey i'm interested, not sure what to RP about but we can brainstorm parhaps?
  12. Sure! Pm me and we can whip something up. : 3
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