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  1. Around the year 856 A.D, a death toll of over 5,000 people hit a large city for no apparent reason. There was no disease or weapons, they all just... died. None of the children were hurt in any way. Some were just lost. People came and took the children to a place that people call an orphanage. Most children were snatched up by relatives, some by other families, and at least 50 children were left out of the 750 children there. The main characters were all in that orphanage, and became acquaintances during that time. Eventually they were apart for a couple of years before another random killing happened, killing everyone in a small village... even the CHILDREN. The characters regrouped and set out to find Death to interrogate him, kill him in revenge, or die trying.

    Race (we do live in a fantasy world. Choices vary between humanoids that stand on 2 feet):
    Specialty (magic included):
    Weapon(s) of choice:

    Five players are the desired amount of characters in my story, but the limit may DEFINATELY be exceeded.
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  2. Name: Braden (last name redacted) and John Slicer
    Age: 19/156
    Race: Human and evil spirit
    Specialty: Braden's is speed and John's is strength
    Braden's personality: Kind, shy around people that try to talk to him, and a very good fighter in all categories (mainly sword fighting, but not very good with heavy weapons).
    Braden'sWeapons of choice: His electric sword (a special sword that is imbued with electricity) and his leaf shield (special shield that has is shaped, has a serrated edge, and a sharp point like a leaf).
    John's weapon of Choice: A multi-purpose staff with a ball on the end. It is a metal staff with a large steel ball on the handle. Hold the handle with both hands and it becomes a giant two-handed sword with a gold handle guard, a copper handle, and the large steel ball on the end. Hold it in the middle with one hand and shake left, than right, and it becomes a shield that has a handle in the middle that is large enough to let him hold the handle while sticking a spare weapon through. Shake it up and down once and it turns into a large spear. Press on the left side of the orb and it turns into a war-hammer, while on the right it becomes a giant battle ax. Lastly, hold it like a rifle, and it becomes a giant crossbow, with bolts 1 and a 1/2 feet long (a normal bolt is only 1/2 a foot).
    John's Personality: Evil, rude, and perverted, and a total rage monster (like hulk).
    Biography: After the first death toll, Braden retreated into a shell of sorrow. Wallowing it his self pity, he did not realize that he was taken to the orphanage until after about a year. He was now 15 and he only needed to wait for one more year before being able to get a job. The only friends he had were the friends he made there, and they came up to HIM and made friends with HIM. John latched onto Braden at 17, barely catching him before he became 18 (John can't leech onto people at 18 or older).
    Braden's Appearance: A 5 foot 6 boy with blue-gray eye color. He has brown hair and no facial hair. He has lightly tanned skin that still almost shimmered in the sunlight. He always seems to frown, making him look sad. He wore a short black top-hat with a red band around the base. He has a black suit with a white undershirt and a red tie. He also has black dress pants and black dress shoes.
    John's appearance: A 6 foot man with red eye color. He has black hair and no facial hair. He has almost pure white skin that didn't shine at all in the sunlight. He has an evil smile and sharpened teeth that line up perfectly. He wears the clothes of the last thing he killed (if he killed an animal, than he would wear it's skin).
    images (1).jpg download.png ele. sword.jpg leaf.jpg
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  3. I'm a bit confused, the year is 856 yet "the Americans" are referenced? I don't think the Aboriginal peoples had orphanages, and it's still another 600-ish years before people start sailing there to find out..
  4. Did I say Americans? I meant to say people and I see your logic... but I'm doing a report in school and I was trying to multitask, it apparantly affected my Iwaku writings... I'm glad I double-checked my essays.
  5. Lol!! I quite enjoy that slip-up. Might make a character for this later, right now it's 5am and I'm going back to sleep...
  6. May I reserve a spot? ~
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  9. O.O Muffins... (Takes all 12 of the muffinzes) Of course you can join! You diidn't need to bribe me!
    retreats into a corner, than eats the muffins while blocking the pile of them.
  10. IF YOU DID NOT NEED THE MUFFINS GIVE THEM BACK! *Runs and tackles @Necropolis *
  11. Could I play as death?
  12. hmm... yeah, why not? But you do know that the other people that join will be trying to kill you right?
  13. In MLP, Derpy loves muffins (my profile picture is Derpy, the best pony ever). So they are all already gone.
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  15. Yea, No biggie In all my Roleplays Im always Most of the time.) The villan Its just so much fun and a thrill being killed or chased.
  16. So is anybody going to do their character sheet?
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