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  1. The Theme Song -

    Jeserio (nicknamed Ghost) Her name everyone that ever incountered her was given the name of "ghost" while her true name was jesrio. She was an immortal amazonian warrior. She was immortal by soul but she could be pychially killed. She sat in the forest humming to herself as she put out the fire she had going , thats when the air shifted. someone was here as well.

    "show yourself intruder" she withdrew two blades, each where crafted by her people. Away on a hill sat her tiger watching them swiftly and kept ready to bound into the fight.

    Castiel (the ADORABLE Angel of the Lord) The angel appeared near the girl he seemed to hang out sometimes "Aria we ahev a problem down town, two powerful witches have been spotted eight people dead" said slowly looking at her with his deep blue eyes that brighter then that of the sky.
  2. Dean

    There have been a large serie of animal attacks in the forest Dean was investigating. He still had no idea what caused them, but there surely weren't normal animals. He sighed, Sam would probably had discovered something yet, but he had nothing. At times like those he really missed his little brother.
    After a few hours of pointlessly looking around, he followed the direction of a fire, until he saw a really strange woman. Dean stayed lurking for a little, trying to figure out if she was the monster he was after, until she found him.
    "What are you?" asked, showing himself and pointing at her with a gun. She looked human. Moreover, she looked like a really hot girl doing some kind of weird cosplay. But the two blades were too real to be a part of a cosplay. Anyways, Dean more than anyone else knew that looks are deceiving.


    She screamed when the angel appeared next to her.
    "Cass! Stop doing that!" ordered him, still a little freaked out for being scared. She rolled her eyes, it seems that he would never understand the meaning of privacy. She then sighed. She still didn't understand why someone as strong as an angel was always asking for her help, but she was actually glad he did. "You know I'm in. Just show me the way"
  3. The girl looked at him sharply eyes never lighting up her blades ready to be thrown "My name is Jesrio and I ask that you please leave" glared deeply at him eyes narrowed. She was light on her feet and ready to move if he showed a sign of an attack. Her eyes narrowed and daggers glowing in the sunlight of the forest "this is my home please leave" she said strongly

    The angel blinked his eyes confused by her startlment but nodding his head swiftly walking out of the place and toward the mall where the witches where hiddena nd ready to attack them all.
  4. Dean

    He held his position without moving a muscle.
    "I'm not leaving until I find out what is going on in this "home" of yours" said with a firm voice. "Besides, I didn't ask for your name. Are you a human?" Added, without being actually nice.


    They got there and she started analysing the place, keeping her guard up. "Hello? Is there a witch home?" said out loud, waiting for being attack, as they would probably do.
  5. Jesrio glares and smirks gently "I'm human.......somewhat I guess you can say" shrugged blinking her eyes as.she moved behind a tree.

    Cas sighed and shook his head walking around suddenly powerful flare of magic slammed into them both. Cas caught Aria
  6. Dean

    He still examinated her, trying to find a way to know if she was lying.
    "So you didn't kill anyone around?"


    "Thanks" she muttered after being rescued by the angel. She ran after the place where the magic was shot and found one of them, she didn't doubted twice to decapitate her. "One to go"
  7. The girl looked confused and sighed gently as she was now up in the tree and smirks at the hunter "I only harm those who endanger the forest " she noted slowly as she stood ona thin branch but it didn't break by her weight

    Castiel nodded seeing the other witch cast a spell and came over and stabbed the witch and watched her wither and die. he sighed gently as it wasn't over yet. the mall made a very scary sound of creaking as if the whole ball was about to creak and fall apart.
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