Hunters and the Monsters! supernatural based.

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  1. Welcome to my supernatural roleplay now first things first id like to keep people together but you can split if you need to. Okay so now that we got that all down this will not I REPEAT WILL NOT FOLLOW THE MAIN STORY LINE. Ok you can be a monster but you will most likely die unless youteam up with a hunter. You are not invincible ok, so no "she wipes off the stab like it was nothing." This is supposed to be realistic in some terms. Cs are not required but would help alot!

    Hunter or monster: (if you are a monster but want to be a hunter put "looking for a hunter"
    short history:

    Name: Konan
    Age: 19
    Picture: 1413817-bigthumbnail.jpg
    Hunter or monster: vampire "looking for a hunter"
    short history: He was kicked out of his home because he refused to turn someone because he wawent through that experience. Unlike others he had a power of time but never knew why so that was another reason he wanted to get out. He never like vampires or monsters he actually wanted to be a hunter. He was kicked out at age 15, turned at age 13. Now at 19 he is an under the table hunter due to his race, he is extremely agile and has mastered his time control power.
    personality: Cocky, Strong, Soft hearted, Smart, Serious, unforgiving.

    Konan walks through the small town in california in the dead of summer. Easily picked out as abnormal he has a black hoodie on with long sleeves and black jeans. Konan Is in the town looking to see if there are any jobs he may be able to complete under the table like always. He sighs and breaths out "god its stupid working under the fuckin table." He brings up his hand and wipes some sweat off of his forehead showing his long black nails tthat may I say were perfectly cut.

    In the middle of this crowd he was abnormal but he was used to it. He was always abnormal in one way or another. He only hoped that no hunters would spot him today as he didnt want to explain anything to anyone today.
  2. Name: Johanna also known as Anna
    Age: 21
    picture (open)


    Hunter or monster: Hunter
    Short history: Johanna was originally from a wealthy family and has a perfect life until she was 13. At the age of 13 she witnessed her own father, who at that time was possessed killed her mother. Her father then vanished like snow before the sun. She left the house out of fear and got picked up by a hunter who taught her everything she knows up until this very day.
    Personality: Very serious, shows little emotion from time to time, still got a big warming heart to people she trusts and loves.

    Johanna cursed once again under her breath as her face stayed a blank expression as she said a quick apology. She had just bumped into the 5th person today. As much as she loved people she also couldn't think more of them then parasites. No matter were you'd go and no matter how many would be taken out they would grow in numbers.

    Ow how she could curse down on the brilliant idea of her caretaker as well. He decided to kick her out for at least a month so she could go and explore the world. Since live action was worthy more to her then the "bullcrap" he taught her. Her though were soon broken as she bumped into another person once again. But instead of wanting to curse again she took a look at the person.

    A male probably a few years younger then her but that wasn't the problem. He was out of place, she couldn't put her finger on it but she knew he was different. Keeping an eye on the crowd she slowly laid a hand on the knife hidden in the pocket.
  3. Konan looked around and put his hood back up but before he could walk away he felt a shove. He looked at the girl and quickly hid his face and hands from sight. 'Just what i nneed a fucking hunter.' He sighs and looks at her before gently grasping a knife in hus pocket.

    "I hope that knife isnt for me..." He sighs and looks towards her showing his gleaming red eyes.
  4. Johanna looked at the boy with her one of her cold hearted expressed. Great, a vampire just what she need. And here she though her rest a few days.
    "This will be depending on what you are planning" she stated her green eyes meeting with his.
    "It might not kill you, but I can do enough damage with it to put you out for a few days."
  5. "Hmm is there a no harm and or death option? I do not want to die today so much workkkkkkkk to be completed so many plays to watch dear watson." He twirls the knife in his fingers showing of his long nails. "Id also rather want to know if your an under the table hunter or buisness hunter..."
  6. Name: Dr. Shadow Screend
    Age: 37
    Picture: image.jpg
    Hunter or monster: ???
    (Works for the hunters.)
    Short history: After spending several years studying the arcane arts Shadow joined the hunters in their early stages and has risen to the highest rank. He was the first to pitch the idea of allowing monsters to join and therefore assumes total responsibility over them. He often regrets this choice excessively.
    Personality: Very clever and kind. Always a gentleman and avoids unnecessary conflict.

    "Now, now. Restrain yourselves you two." A familiar voice rose over the chatter of the crowd. Dr. Shadow weaved his way though the people and put his gloved hand between the two hunters. He first turned to Johanna due to him seeing her as the superior threat. "Miss Anna this is Konan, a under the table hunter." He then turned to Konan and a bit of steel entered his tone. "Who is not in any way a threat to you. Correct Mister Konan?"
  7. "Im not promisin anything dude and i told you i wanted nothing at all to do with you." He throws his knife directly next to his head. "Now ill be on my way i dont like that..... thing." He points to the doctor and turns slipping of his hood.
  8. "Hmpf, didn't to expect to see you wandering around here.." Johanna turned to the male. "Still doesn't mean I trust any off them." She stated as she shot a glare to the vampire. "After all leeches will always be leeches"
  9. Dr. Shadow's one eye that was visible from his mask rose to the sky as he struggled not to kick that cocky twilight reject's ass. He was going to mention that Konan had left his weapon unattended but he was already gone. He turned to Anna and let out a sigh. "I'm here for three reasons. One, making sure that one doesn't get himself or someone else killed. Two, a rather powerful monster is supposedly in this area. Three, I really need a good cup of coffee."
  10. "Im not gonna get killed dadddd." He smirks. "Oh yeah and you know i have other means of fightingggg." 'Stupid i wanna bash that mask in....' he taps his chin and thinks about what monster it could be
  11. "Try the local café. Trust me the coffee is great" Johanna said as she pointed to the café across the street. "Let me guess my caretaker was in on this? Should have known a trip to see the world was nothing more then a cover up." Johanna decided to give no attention to the younger male. Under the table hunters she never liked the though of it. Then again she knew better not to jump to conclusions. "Powerful you say? Like what an Alpha? Or more like an monster we haven't seen yet."
  12. "Master Konan, I'm more concerned in suffocating in the paperwork that would result from you getting a innocent killed. As far as I know Miss. Anna your guardian is in Italy trying some of the delicacies I suggested to him." Ah, Europe. How he would prefer to be there. He turned and pointed at a ironworks a mile or two away from the town. Smoke rose from its chimneys but police tape surrounded the area. "More the latter and how it is acting. That foundry was abandoned for years until it suddenly started working again. A few police officers went there, and there heads were later found on broken pipes outside the foundry. After a bit of that on repeat one man managed to escape. He usefully described the killer as a 'frightening thing' and we were called up. What is interesting is that whatever it is seems to be guarding the foundry instead of the usual mindless killing."
  13. "Hmpf, explains why I had to leave, then again he really needed a break. Old man never got any rest for the past years." After her guardian had token her in he never had taken a day off, he was always there ready to comfort the little crying girl he had found on the side of the road. Johanna looked at the smoking pipes in the far distance. "So any thoughs of what it might be? A ghost? Or maybe a possessed person?"
  14. "Hey old man im not master konan my name is konan and that is it. You know what happened to my 'gaurdian' she happily died last weekend." He sighs 'i swear people think im a fuckin retard.' He puts his hood up and puts steampunk goggles accompanied with a cloth on. "See ya mister old man I DONT NEED A GAURDIAN BY THE WAY." He jumps onto a ledge in an allyway and onto the roof of a house. He starts to jump roof to roof heading to the building that he was talking about.
  15. So immature. It was all she could think of as she watched the boy take off on his own. It wasn't like she needed a guardian either she just liked the company, the feeling of having a home to return to. Besides Johanna was 21 she could start living on her own already. With a sight Johanna put down her brown leather bag as she pulled out her helmet. "He wasn't supposed to be killed right? Guess I should look out for him" honestly she just wanted to make sure she'd be the first to kill the monster or the boy if he would prove to be a real vampire. With that said Johanna walked over to her red harley davidson forty eight and drove towards the building herself.
  16. Shadow shook his head. He wasn't even talking about Konan's guardian, poor thing. She was quite nice and virtually the opposite of the young vampire. After giving the café a longing look he began to walk to the iron works. image.jpg
  17. It was an old plymouth acclaim, a murky green and rusting at nearly every edge. Parked in an alley, away from the lights, the car in the alley bounced, its shocks squeaking loudly in a steady rhythm. From within carnal sounds issued, the panting and groaning of both man and woman intermingled with the woman's profane and lewd utterances.

    Inside the woman caressed the old man's face as he babbled nonsense. He was swooning, his head lolling on his neck and eye fluttering. The woman, pale of skin with a man of tangled black curls breathed in deeply and a long stream of black smoke was pulled from the old man's mouth. The woman breathed it in, sucking in longer than seemed possible for mere human lungs until the stream finally diminished and stopped.

    Sated, the woman pushed on the man, pressing him away from her. His skin had gone mottled grey in the very image of a corpse some days old. Unmounting the man, climbing out of the car, she rearranged her micro skirt and casually opened the man's wallet. Without any trace of remorse she withdrew all that he had before flipping it back into the car.

    "More than I expected," she said as she flipped through the bills, "Very nice!"