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Hunter X Hunter RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by offspring, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. Prologue (50 years after the manga)
    We start a the hunter exams at the start of the first event were everyone is together (1228 contestants) in a large well lit room and the examiner is tall muscular man with a curly mustache.
    The man begins to speak "I am Reg your examiner there are 1228 of you we only need 300 so lets play a game the walls spawn circle holes 3 on the right 3 on the left. "The game is simple capture 5 name tags, anything goes except killing see me when your done." he leaves waving goodbye. Now in another room he speaks to himself "Reg you need a better game your losing it" look at his reflection in the rather shiny wall he flexes "Never mind" he laughs a hardy laugh.

    Igneous listens to Reg as well as everyone else soon as the game was named eye's got lurking and number tags started to disappear but not Igneous's own tag. With a raise of Reg's hand hands got to grabbing he took the defense method as a hand reached his fist met the guys gut and the tag dropped he grabs it and pins it to his body. You could see all the needles in the hay stack more and more as time passed and he was probably one of them.

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