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  1. Sign up Sheet Skelly:


    Nen Type:
    Non Nen skills:
  2. Name: Igneous Cross

    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 140
    Personality: He is a kind fellow and likes to just live with optimistic way of thinking about how the world is, he believes the world can get better so he will do his part by getting rid of all the evil within his zone. He is mostly a mellow person.
    Nen Type: transmission (in training)
    Non Nen skills: He is an experienced brawler and can handle someone twice his size.
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  3. Name: Yura Himura
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 125
    Yura is a girl who shows one side of herself to people and as she gets to know them, she opens up. Since she is a hunter of species, Yura has little paitence for certain things.
    Background(optional) Yura belongs to a family that is known for hunting different species in the world. From Chimera ants to harmless bees. She is skilled at tracking and targeting. Mainly because it was kill or be killed.
    Nen Type: Conjurer
    Non Nen skills:
    Hand to combat, nimble
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  4. Tokyo Ravens Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 Subtitle Indonesia.png
    : Koa Riyū (Core reason in Japanese)
    Age: 18
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 188
    Personality: Kind, strong, brave, hot headed, stubborn, sweet, loyal, funny, compassionate.
    Background: Will rp
    Nen Type: Specialist (in training)
    Non Nen skills: Heightened senses (Sight, smell, sound, ect)
    Enhanced strength
    Master in hand-to-hand combat
    Expert in Nunchaku (nunchucks)
    Can speak to animals​
  5. Lol funny I actually got specialist on that quiz XD
  6. may i join


    (this is my old chareacter if that ok for me to use)

    Name: Dakota J. Martens
    Age: 15-17
    Gender: Females
    Ethnicity: half japanese and half american
    Height: 6 “7“
    Weight: 162 lb
    Personality: clever, caring, heads strong, tomboy, protective and hot headed at times
    Skills: great fighter , very strong and street smart
    Weapon: knife/blade
    Bio: Ever scenes Dakota was young she never really fit in. She was a bit of a lone wolf and not the smartest kid around, she love to fight a lot mostly the boys on her street. She acted more like a boy than a girl felt more natural which made some people uncomfortable. Especially her parents they always put her down saying “ you should dress and act more like a girl.” things along thoughts lines and they were not putting her down they compared her to her younger sister that was in honors and advancing ahead in her grade. they made her feel as the read headed step child the black sheep. Dakota dealed with this for some years she felt smothered and had was pined like she could not breath like.. like a cat trap lashing out at hum ever it can get it clews in to.... But one day she got in to a argument with her mother. it was over a fight Dakota had with some guy at her school she knocked him clean out but this argument was ensilaging quickly and ruthie they go at it for about 15 min or so when Dakota father walks in witch made it worst scenes they just ganged up on her so she lash out in frustration and slams her fist on on the counter and brakes it. Dakota’s parents looked at her stunned by her strength then her mother says out slowly “ y-your a monster” Dakota looks at her with big eye say “ fine, so what if i am....” she say with traes in my eyes and went in my room gathered up her stuff and left... they never stopped her just watch as she walked out the door and took the first bus out of there never looking back she reach a big city when she was low on her last few dollars shes been hoping from town to town. it started to rain she walked along in the rain with her hood up when she herd some meowing from an ally she walked down and see a young cat about around his teen he had hurt his paw and was in bad shape she kneeled down and reached for the cat but out of fear lash out and scratched her at she froze for a second then smiled and sat down next to him and though. 'you and me are alike.’ Dakota sat there for some time and slowly the cat came closer to her and soon sat on her lap she gently pet him and looked him over he was just wet and a bit hungry she fixed him up feed him what was left of her food and he never left her side ever scenes he usely follows close behind her or on her shoulder and sleep next to her every night. to make a liveing she toke up any almost any job ask of her

    Name Rex
    Age 2-3 (i think)
    Gender Male
    Breed American shorthair ? (maybe)
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  7. @Roxshi @Zloglasniot Fasada @Dakota J. Martens

    Well if I would have known I wasn't going to get notifications I would have checked back sooner but whatever moving on if you guys are still in and willing to do the rp we can. All accepted.
  8. I'm willing to still do it :)
  9. Still up for it =)
  10. Exams are fine with me. That will give us a chance to explore our characters and interact with each other.
  11. Sorry about not posting @offspring I had a surgery on Monday and have been rrecovering from it. I will post when I can. SOrry for the wait!