Hunter X Hunter roleplay anyone? (and other fandoms)

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  1. Hey guys I am new here and I have been absolutely craving a Hunter x Hunter roleplay recently. Some things you may want to know about me if you do want to roleplay, are...

    Heya, I am OverlyIntricateLove, but please just call me Overly to keep things simple. I am 15 years old, just about 16 though, but that doesn't matter :3. Despite my title and profile pictures I am actually a guy... who really likes cute anime girls. If you want roleplay with me, know that I prefer paragraphs, but I'd rather you not write one thousand (over exaggeration of course). If you do that I will feel obligated to do so myself x3. I do not mind gore and romance, but I'd prefer you don't sex my character up. Just a little awkward for me and I uh... think it's illegal. As for romance I do Yuri (fxf) and heterosexual. Another thing is I prefer to play OC's, if I want to watch or read a character, I'll just watch the actual show. Other than that, let me get further in the idea! ^^

    I was thinking it could follow a similar starting path as the initial show, which would be the Hunter exam then we could drift off into our own arcs from there on. Just so you know it will probably take place in a separate timeline than the show, thus Gon, Killua and friends will not be present.

    If more than one person is interested I am willing to do a 1x1x1 but after that I fear we would be drifting into a group roleplay. :P

    Others (open)

    (Other Fandoms I would be willing to do, but I'd rather the HxH one be taken first)
    Clannad (similar school romance, MxF)
    Welcome to the NHK (The roleplay I have in mind draws inspiration from this.)
    Pandora Hearts
    Pokemon (Maybe, not really on my priorities. A mystery dungeon one might be interesting though)
    Fire Emblem (I am willing to do canon characters for this) <3 <3 <3 <3
    Tsundere, Yandere roleplays <3
    Trigun (Same universe, I love the desert setting :P)

    (Also I am not perfect x3)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.