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  1. ( This is a roleplay centred around the Monster Hunter series. If you don't understand Monster Hunter lore, then please brush up on Monster Hunter lore. )

    Port Tanzia, the hot spot for costal hunter activity, was particularly busy today. Well-armoured hunters in intimidating-looking armour bustle to and fro, knocking each others shoulders and hurling greetings and scoffing at the weaker hunters. The Tavern had nearly been flooded by the high number of hunters that flooded in, but most of them had made off on boats to jo odd-jobs and monster hunting for clients.

    Nuuro was watching the hunters from the seats at the Tanzia Grill, his Jaggi armour clanking and buckling as he looked from side to side. As soon as he found the Client Desk empty, he rushed over to acquire a quest quickly.

    He picked one that he might need help with; Hunting a Lagombi. He took the red parchment and sat over at a desk, and waved it over his head, so people would notice him, and maybe help him, and then just leaned back, watching the few remaining hunters walking by.
  2. ((How much Monster Hunter Lore will there be))

    Matsuki was just arriving back from killing the Gobul. As he got back into Port Tanzia he saw someone holding a red parchment. "I wonder why hes waving it above his head" He asked himself as he went up to him. Matsuki wore Lagombi S armor for how light it is so he can move faster on his back was a Nether katana. "Hello there, may I ask you what you are doing exactly" He asked
  3. "Ey, Challengers!"
    A decently rehearsed swagger allowed Mon Dikso to sway through the crowds of comparatively well armoured Hunters without getting his 'do' messed up. He wore what looked like a disco suit; red with black, reptilian stripes and open lapels that left his chest partly bare. He held a silly looking red dino Hat at his side so that all could see his amazing- pronounced in this case as ridiculous- afro hair.
    "I ain't from around here, but you twos don't got spikes on every joint of yo armour, so I'm a take a guess you guys huntin' something smaller and fluffy, am I right? I ask cos', uh..." He made a brisk check of himself. "I had to sell off alla my good stuff in the transfer over here. It's how the Guild thank 'un-loyal' Hunters. All I got left is about one thousand rounds of each ammunition, my drumsticks and strings-" He pulled from his back two maces that looked at first like exotic maracas, but were in fact the lower and upper beak sections of a foreign, pink and yellow monster, "- My strings are in the box... And, uh... Well, these fine digs. So, I thought I could go with you?"
    He held his pose for a while.

    "I'm lucky and rich, if that helps?"
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