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  1. Well, Judgement asked me to make this so we can get the plot straight...
    Well, For me My plot for Seb and Sereth is to create a small guild of warriors to over throw the Evil King Xavier, who is slaughtering the innocent and the guilty without a care.
    Seb is also hunted by the kings men so that his oldest son Petreis Zextris can't become ruler of the land.
    Sereth is Sereths bodyguard to say, and is judgemental and over protective.
  2. Well that parts well known, and the group is fully formed, but with all of us posting at different times and at different schedules w need a logical in. game way to communicate the 'plan' character to character.
  3. Ahhh yeah, Good idea. I think we should go in Order or something....
  4. so what order are we going to go in?
  5. *appears out of thin air, breathing heavily*

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been busy as of late. I should be able to get on enough to keep up with the plot though.
  6. Uhh... Hmmm... I'm not sure actually... I kinda need everyone who's on our thread here... To manage it all first, if you guys could link it to them for me as well, I posted a link on the thread but if you guys could help and maybe PM it to them? I have school for the final week this week before holidays, which means I'll be on a lot more I promise.