Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Dia Thames

The Beast lingers just beneath the surface~
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The Girl swiftly slipped through the woods, her sister just a half a mile ahead of her. She grinned and stopped in her tracks, shifting her form to her dragon body. She wasn't the biggest of her species but messing with her was a bad Idea. Her dragon form was a sleek, beautiful but magestic looking creature. Her scales were the most saught after by hunters and males seeking a mate alike. The dragon tucked her wings against her body and slipped through the tree's follwing her sister's scent. Today was a beautiful day. The sun even decided to shine right through thick shrubbery and trees. But there was also a scent shedidn't of a human. By the scent they were not from around the area and not one of the common hunters usually in the area. She didn't like her sister being by herself, even if she was the younger of the two. Hunters were always dangerous. The dragon growled and kept track of her sisters scent and the hunters...the two eventully intertwining...
The dragon was not paying any attention to her surroundings just sitting in the clearing without a care in the world. To be truthful he found her by accident getting separated from the other hunters. When he saw the dragon he started tracking her carefully as to not disclose his presence. He should not be alone, hunting alone is dangerous, it is how most hunters get killed. Also it is against the rules, not that he listened to the rules all that much anyway.

Most hunters who hunt dragons do it for the money. Dragon's scales, teeth, and claws go for a lot of money. For their strength, their beauty, and their magical qualities. Shane didn't care about the money, this job was something he was trained for his whole life. To kill the dragons that have killed and enslaved humans. He had to stand up for his family he never knew because of these dragons. They were too dangerous to this world.

Tracking had become second nature to him over the years of training, so it was easy for him to go unnoticed by the dragon he was now hunting. He hid down wind of the dragon in the thicket of trees, strung his bow, notched the arrow, aiming for the eye, pulled the string back.
The dragon's heat began to race and she held her nose in the air, taking in the scent, smelling her sister near by along with the hunter. Her Icy blue eyes widend in panic. She held in a urgent locating growl because that would make her and Her sister Jem more noticeable. The dragon race forwards and slowed to a stop as her sister in dragon form indulged in the hunt's kill they had made, came into her sights. Cambria jerked her head around looking for the hunter. She caught the scent and growled fiercly, spreading her wings before charging at the hunter, ripping through brush and shrubs. Cambria reached out and snapped at him, catching his arm in her mouth.
Pain surged through his arm as the dragon attacked him. He did not panic though panic is what would kill him. As the dragon was dragging him away he reached for his knife in his boot. He needed something to fight back with he refused to die in a situation like this. He finally reached the knife in his boot and pulled it out. Then he did something that would hopefully make the dragon let him go. He stabbed the dragon in the gums right between the teeth. That did the trick as soon as he was free he ran. There was no way he could beat two dragons alone.
He stabbed her! She roared in fury and took off through the forest, tearing a path through the bushes and trees. Cambria cut him off as she passed him to his side and lunged at him again, knocking him to his back and the breathe out of him. She placed a foot down on his chest, not hard enough to hurt him but enough to keep him in place. The dragon growled, bearing it's fierce set of fangs. She let the blood from her bleeding gums drip onto the man, looking him strait in the eyes with her Icy Blue one's. The dragon roared in fury as she decided weather she should kill him or not.
The dragon caught him, damn what else could he do? Nothing he was completely trapped by this dragon. He accepted he fate that he was going to die, and while dying he will not show fear or remorse for he did not regret agitating the dragon more by trying to escape. He would do it again if he had the chance. So instead of looking away, closing his eyes, or begging for mercy, he stared boldly into the dragon's icy blue eyes. He was not afraid to die, and he would show it before his fate would be sealed forever.
She looked down at him, the hunter did not struggle nor show any fear what so ever. He just stared up at her, consigned to his fate. Cambria growled, irritated. What was wrong with this hunter? Normally they screamed and cried for mercy. She leaned down and pulled the man into her jaws, picking him up and glancing around before streaching out her wings and taking to the sky. Her sister noticed her leaving and followed behind her, curious as to what Cambria had gripped in her jaws. Once she reached the cave she dropped him deep inside, onto the cold stone floor. She shifted back into human form, scowling at him and pulling a dagger from the belt around her waist. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she shifted her body and moved towards him. She tilted her head a bit, her eyes glimmering in irritation and curiosity.

"You...hunter. What is it that is disturbed within you? You are not afraid..." she said, her smooth voice melodic.

Her sister landed in the cave, blocking the entrance, staring curiously at the hunter.
Still surprised he was still alive. He looked curiously at the recently sifted dragon in wonder that he was still breathing. Not that he was going to stay alive much longer the dragon looked like she was going to kill him still. They are curious creatures. Literally that is the only reason he was still alive. Looking around the cave for anything he could use as a weapon, there was nothing. Was there any way to escape? He looked around the cave and no the cave was just a small cut out of the cliff.

"There is nothing disturbed with me. I will not fight my fate when it so plainly looks me in the face. Especially when I made my own fate in choosing the path I chose to follow. Why should I fear death just because it is unknown?"
She gripped the dagger and frowned.

"Life isn't just something that human's nor any creature chooses to give away willingly. So why not fight fate? It is how we live, fighting fate is just life."

Cambria scooted closer to him, placing the dagger lightly against his throat as she noticed he was looking for a weapon.

"And death isn't is just feared for every creature wants to live."

She looked him directly in the eyes, her blonde hair falling around her shoulders.

"So what is wrong with you Hunter. What is it that you would give your life so willingly for."
Well damn I guess there really is no way out of this. "I want to live, but I do not minding death. I have killed many dragons before you. It was bound to happen that one time I would fail and end up dead. I figured it was my time. So I ask again why fight fate?"

Again he was not going to back down started the dragon right in the eyes. He felt the cool dagger against his throat that was so sharp it could cut his skin as if it was butter.

"If there is one thing I believe in it is fate, and that everything happens for a reason. Even this moment now."

Damian at this moment was trying to decide weather or not it was worth it to try to take the dagger that was pushing against his throat, but decided against it there were two dragons. It was highly unlikely he could defeat both with just a dagger. That is even if he could get the dagger. He might be able to talk his way out of this.
Sadness flashed in Cambria's eyes as she remembered her brother. He was killed by a hunter when he was nineteen years old on a hunt. She lowered the knife and backed up, hurt still in her expression. She tucked the dagger back into her waist belt, not turning her back on a hunter. Cambria knew better then that.

"Fate is no such good thing...So called fate took away my brother. Was It your fate that make it right? It is never right to end the life of someone so young and so full of potential. He was going to marry...he had a woman and family that love him so why does your kind think they are so good they can kill one of my kind who was innocent of every and any crime against your kind...? Human's are cruel..."

Coldness and hurt was in her eyes and expression, she kept her hand on the hilt of the dagger.
He narrowed his eyes at her statement. Trying to keep emotion from entering his voice as to not worsen his situation he spoke, which was probably not the smartest thing to do he probably should have kept his mouth shut.

"Humans are cruel? Well I guess there are a lot of humans out there that can be cruel, but I have had people I have loved killed too. They were killed by dragons, and they by no means were dragon hunters or cruel people. If they were they might have lived." He cut off there because if he kept going anger would seep into his voice, and he was already having a hard enough time un-clamping his jaw, which seemed to have locked up.

In his silence he looked at her instead of just listening to her words and saw the sadness in her body the way her shoulders slumped when she had talked about her brother. "I am sorry about your brother, that must have been very hard to go through." He said without thinking, shocking himself. Why would he ever feel sorry for a dragon? It must be because she is in that form, he wished she would shift back. It would make it easier for him to hate her.
She could tell he was holding back anger. Cambira was no stranger to anger, as often that was what rouge dragon's were if you wandered into thier territory. Now...body language was different between dragons and humans but she understood. He was upset as well...then came something he didn't expect. He apologized for and and about her brother. It caught her off gaurd and she stumbled backwards, landing on her wrist. She winced as she felt the crack. Cambria gripped her wrist in pain. When she fell her dagger had fallen from her waist band. She scooted against the opposite side of the wall, taking her eyes off the man. Her sister had taken off, having caught sent of a male in the area...light streamed in and she sqeezed her eyes shut, pulling her legs against her chest and burying her face and wrist in her legs. Though in danger it wasn't immideitly obvious to her as she was preoccipied with the pain.