Hungry for them Roleplay Munchies (Still looking for Partners!)

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    Male Vampirate x Human Female
    looking to play the Vampirate role
    Plot Premise
    Set in the mid 1700s, a young girl stows away onboard a strange vessel that docks one misty winter's night. She is shocked to find the pirate crew are cursed - vampirates no less. Luckily for her, she befriends a crewmen who promises to keep her safe. Meanwhile, the pirates set sail for strange uncharted lands, her with them.

    Male Human x Female Fairy
    Looking to play the Fairy Role
    Plot Premise
    Modern Day. A human boy moves to the sleepy town of Hollows End, inheriting an old family property right on the edge of the woodlands. Thinking this town is boring and uneventful, he settles in with dissapointment, ignoring the strange tales, warnings and legends of the townfolk. What he doesn't realise is the forest is right on the border of the Fairy Boundary. Unknown to him, he trespasses on Fairy Territory. Now, he is trapped in Fairy Land.

    Will Also Play:
    Magical/Supernatural School Roleplay F x M
    Looking to play a female character.
    What can I say, been craving one of these xD

    I'm Looking for:
    +A Creative roleplay, vast locations, mystery, the strange and unusual.
    +A Partner who wants to see their character grow.
    + Someone who throws in those plot twists!
    +Someone friendly!
    +Long Term Roleplays
    I am:
    +A touch rusty, as I'm getting back into roleplaying
    +Post regularly, though if I feel pressured I lose my creativity. If I feel encouraged, it usually flairs up further.
    +Looking to roleplay now and plan on the fly. I like my roleplays to be organic and exciting.
    In terms of post length, I tend to post one to three paragraphs. I don't mind short posts, what I care about more is regular or interesting posts. Sometimes short posts are nicer because we can get a post spree going and get lots of action/plot in ♥
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  2. This sounds like an interesting premise. :D I'm willing to do it.
  3. awesome! sent you a pm :3
  4. Hey< if your still up to this i am, i have a tendency to throw my character into situations that can make him insane and dangerous though, you up for it.
  5. Hey, I'm just getting back into serious forum rp too! Just did chat rp's for a while ^^;

    This looks like a lot of fun, so if you're still looking for someone, please let me know
  6. I've never actually done a chat roleplay before but always been curious about them. Are they fun?

    Thanks for taking the time to post guys ^^! This partner request has been filled, I have some more ideas that I'm mulling over but for the time being I'm very happy. Perhaps I will update this thread in future with other plots, but for now, I'm good.

    thanks again, perhaps we can roleplay something else in future.
  7. Heck yeah! Chat RP's are very fun! there are usually some scheduled, you should check it out.

    Awesome to hear your rp is on it's way! Hope you have lots of fun! :3
  8. Put some other plotlines I'm interested in up ^^
  9. Added another plot and made formatting a bit better~

    I reaaaaallly wannaaaa roleplaaaaaay guuuuuuys XD
  10. Interested. :D Just hit me up, I'm getting back in it as well and always willing to help with brand new ideas.
  11. awesome! I'll shoot you a pm right now :D recognise you from the jump-in sections, looking foreward to roleplaying with you more :3
  12. This seems like a really cool roleplay!! I'll shoot you a PM! c: xD
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