hungry for 1x1s [ideas up!]

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  1. I have the munchies that only a fantasy 1x1 can satisfy :3!


    So yes. Hello! I really happen to like old-school folklore type fantasy roleplays, with a lot of magic, intrigue, anthropomorphism, myths come alive sort of deal. I like epic journeys, lines between good and evil blurred, a dab of humor and objects/creatures of unusual nature. I also like modern fantasy with the sort of hidden world aspect to them. I will also do Scifi, depending on the plot. I’m looking for creative partners who is active, and can post around a paragraphish.

    I tend to lean towards MxF and will play either male or female characters, but generally I like a strong settings or plotlines first then romance ^^

    Some random ideas I’m throwing out there! All of these are open to interpretation and new ideas, don’t be shy now J!

    The Labyrinth

    Dark fantasy setting. A dark warlock and his knights and underlings terrorize the landscape, returning to the warlock’s lair come daybreak. Two adventurers travel separately to his island, to discover he has claimed the ancient ruins of a long lost city, and the catacombs beneath as his home. Can they plunge the depths of his lair for treasure and overcome the trials, traps and tribulations, or will they fall to his abominations like so many before them? And will they agree to work together, work separately or compete?

    Good old fashioned fantasy roleplay, pretty straight forward. Any race or class combination, the more interesting the better! I am quite happy to play either the male or female character. Looking for someone very creative who is willing the contribute during the roleplay to events!

    The DarkWood
    Dark fantasy or modern fantasy setting, whichever you prefer. The Darkwoods are shrouded in mystery and magic, myths and legends. This forest is said to be home to mythical creatures, and most of all, trouble. A human stumbles into the realm of the Darkwood and their life is never the same again.

    I have several different paths this roleplay can take, also of course open to interpretation! One human character and one character of whatever unusual origin – either different race or a magic user or whatever. I am happy to play either character and either gender.

    The OtherRealm
    At a fancy dress Halloween party on the 31st, a girl from a small village encounters a strangely dressed man who offers her a new life in exchange for her soul. Thinking it a Halloween joke, she agrees, and he disappears from the party. When she returns home, strange things start to happen, before she is inducted into the OtherRealm, a magical wonderland and she is a guest of the King. A mark on her hand is her passport and safe passage through this beautiful world and its weird wonders. Everything seems perfect, and she is granted free roam, with the only rule being never to leave, of course. But something seems off about this magical place.. as if there is something lurking beneath the surface..

    More fantasy then horror. Again, lots of different paths this one can take, and open to interpretation! Happy to play either character, looking for a very creative partner who is willing to contribute and might have a slightly warped imagination XD sort of like a wonderland style role-play, with darker elements as the roleplay progresses.

    I have some other ideas I haven't fleshed out yet. I would also like to do a steampunkish space exploration type roleplay (with old fashoined ships), a vampire court roleplay, and a fairy court roleplay (no, not the nice kind!), a modern roleplay with a fantasy hidden/underworld element, and a desert island roleplay with ancient magic ruins. I have more ideas, and open to lots of other roleplay plots too of course! let those bunnies free!
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    You seem like you're a pretty awesome roleplayer, and I adore fantasy/modern fantasy. If you don't mind the fact that I only play female, I would love to RP with you :D And I'd love to hear some of these ideas :)
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    I would love to roleplay with you and I am very happy to play a male character :3!
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    Great! :D I'm up for roleplaying anything right now, so is there any plot you have that you really want to try out?
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    I wouldn't mind trying a fantasy rp.
    I'm not to great with planning that sort of thing but I like odd shapeshifter type creatures and I can play a guy (though they usually end up being girly) or a girl. I wouldn't mind it heading towards a romance as long as the girl isn't (whoever plays it) one of those 'hides, cries, begs for mercy)
    Basically want one who can stand up and handle herself lol

    I wouldn't mind tossing around ideas via PM, just let me know.
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    I love fantasy! Seriously, my favorite genre. Wanna think up plot ideas through PM?
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    I would love to roleplay with you guys :D
    I will toss you pms, also very happy to do a shapeshifter roleplay! I can play an independent female character or a male character if you prefer, very happy to do either!
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    If you are still looking I've been craving a vampire/werewolf roleplay, or just something where I can play a werewolf character. I prefer playing females but I can play males as well; If you'd want me to. So shoot me a PM if you are still looking. :)
  9. of course! tossed a pm :)
  10. If you're available for a fifth 1 x 1, I'd definitely be interested :} I RP fantasy best, although I'm open to new ideas. As for gender, I can play either a lady or a gentleman- whatever suits the RP. And I don't mind romance, either, though I like to develop character relationships quite extensively before that point is reached. PM me if you still have the time! X_X