Hunger Games?

HI! I'm Dead. I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying so forgive me if it takes me a bit to get used to this site. I've just recently had kids so I'm a busy zombie but I've really been craving to do something in the Hunger Games fandom. I can post IC on average once a day but I work from home so I am available for OOC most of the time it just might take an hour or so for me to get back to you.

I really want to do an AU where the rebellion failed. pick up the story for the 90th Game and play through the 4th Quarter quell and an eventual second rebellion after that using all OCs and throwing in some twists to the new Games as punishment for the last rebellion. We can take turns winning and roll dice do determine death order in the game. I want to go though several games because I want these Victors to be important to the upcoming Quarter Quell and I think it will have a bigger impact actually knowing what the Victors have gone though and being attached to them as characters Also their relationships with other Victors should be fun to explore.

So a long term rp would be best if anyone is interested.