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  1. So, I'm just checking interest. I wouldn't be able to put time and effort into anything until after next week, but the idea popped into my head so, I'm running with it.

    It's probably already been done, but I think it's a great idea. I'm thinking of doing like, one of the games before the books took place.

    Basically you pick your district. Pick your weapons. I'll be GM and mess with you all. It will be tons of fun.

    So, YAY! or Nay... ?
  2. This was done a while ago, but it got really complicated to the point of it not being much fun >.> It ended up dying after the first few posts. HOWEVER, I would be interested in doing another one ^^ I'd be very happy to help with anything, like the arena, fun crap to throw at the tributes, etc.!
  3. I think with this one, a co-GM wouldn't be such a bad idea. Simply because it can get so complicated.
  4. I agree. Sometimes, with all the variables, it would get crazy. But yeah, I'm happy to help in any way I can ^^

    And I love your FSM sig pic XD
  5. Sounds like fun =) I'll join if it gets put up =D
  6. It'd be interesting … but how do you make it random who dies? Any ideas yet for the combat system?
  7. I'll join when you start.
  8. I would also like to participate.