Hunger Games: The Beginning

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  1. Chapter I: The Reaping​


    Escorts will travel to each district. Mass communication equipment will be set up in each town square. Males and females, ages 18-24, will be divided by age and gender. The excerpts will choose on male name and one female name from the corresponding glass bowls. These will be the District's tributes. Each tribute will receive 10 minutes visitation before leaving for the capitol via high-speed train.
    1 post per tribute.


  2. Angora & Lurex
    District 8: Textiles

    Jared LaFave; District 8 Escort

    The morning sun rays worked vigorously to penetrate the ever present haze of fiber particles and factory excretions. Today should have been like any other. But it wasn't. Today the Capitol showed the newly defeated districts just how far they would go to maintain power.

    A man sat on the newly erected stage, with his angular jaw clenched tightly, as tech crews perfected camera and lighting angles. His well-fitted tweed suit whined softly against the metal seat as his foot bounced his impatience out with a rhythm. Timidly, the citizens of District 8 began to file into the town square. They were identified and sorted like cattle; boys and girls ages 12-18. A rumble from the newly placed sound system quieted the crowd. President Villar spoke of the unfortunate rebellion and the restoration of peace. Jared scanned the faces in front of him; drained of blood and hope. This was how the Capitol needed them to be.

    It wasn't long until the Mayor of District 8 gave Jared a short introduction and invited him to the podium. Jared strode slowly to the microphone; sliding his hand down his silk tie, probably made right here in District 8, he addressed the crowd.

    "Thank you for your welcome and your attention!" He proclaimed in his Capitol-rich dialect. "I won't keep you waiting. Ladies first…" He moved to the large glass bowl on his right containing every eligible female's name. He swished his hand in circles as he watched all the eyes trained on his motion; he opened the paper with the same painful slowness. He enjoyed playing the villain.

    "Angora!" he shouted, giving an extra emphasis on the last syllable of her name. Baring his stark, white teeth in a victorious grin, he clamped his broad arm around the bones of the young lady before immediately releasing her due to her stench. He strode over to the males' bowl.

    "And…" he paused with delight. "Lurex!" the drawn out syllable hissing through his teeth. Both tributes were staring into the masses with wide eyes. They were quickly ushered into the town hall where they were given 10 minutes to say good-bye.

    Lurex picked anxiously at a clod of dried mechanical gunk that had adhered to his arm. The door opened and he jumped to his feet. His younger siblings, Aramid and Acrylia ran at him and clung to his legs, giggling excitedly.

    "Mama says you won! You gotta leave but you getta go to the big place!" Aramid squealed with pride for his older brother.

    "Yeah! Good boy, Lurey, good brother!" Acrylia chimed in between her giggles. Lurex looked between his parents who were stiff with fear. Neither of them said a word; he knew they couldn't. He focused on memorizing the faces of his young siblings, bouncing them on his lap and telling them all the pretty things he would bring back to them. Ten minutes lapsed and they were torn from his side, for what could be forever.

    Angora waited in her room, quietly rocking. No one came.
  3. Dryden and Tremera
    District 4: Fishing

    The three Erythrys walk into the town's square, older brother Lind and younger sister Tremera followed by a staggering older gentleman. The man, their father, hadn't left the house in days, nearing his first week.
    They looked like a typically normal family, save for the daughter, confined to a wheelchair her brother had made with his own hands and a greying eyepatch covering an eye. Seeing the communication equipment, all the cameras and microphones, Lind stopped, resting his hand on his sister's shoulder, motioning for her to stop. She did, wanting to know what he would say, since she knew there was a chance of her leaving and never coming back.

    "Good luck." was all he said before walking in front of her, moving to where everyone over eighteen went, following their father. She sighed, hoping he would have said more, but in today's world, you took what you got. Wheeling herself over to her age group, getting a few solemn nods from people she knew in town, Tremera tried to calm the beating of her heart.

    It was impossible, she told herself. With all these other kids here, I'm not going to be the tribute. Never. Losing herself in the cadence of her thoughts, she didn't notice when the mayor strode out onto the stage, made in a day's time. She also didn't notice the escort, a young man introduced as "Demetrius De Hurle" gaining a couple laughs from the younger crowd.

    Snapping back to her thoughts as Demetrius reached his hand into the ladies' jar, announcing, "Ladies first," she held her breath with all the other girls, crossing her fingers, and hoping beyond hope it wasn't her. And then, like a gunshot fired, the escort said, "Tremera--" pausing at her hard-to-pronounce last name, but she already knew it was her, as did her fellows, who were all looking towards her with mixed looks. Confusion, fear, sadness, some even happy, that it hadn't been their name he had drawn.

    Dread filling her insides, Tremera called out, as Demetrius stumbled on her name, "Erythry. It's Erythry." Her voice was loud, defiant, making itself heard by everyone, as the dark haired girl wheeled herself out into the carefully made aisles, he face resolute, not showing anything to these people, who would sacrifice children like this.

    Demetrius called out the second name, getting it right at the first shot. "Dryden Chanirsil." The little boy cried out a swift, "No!", before quickly making a run for it, getting caught almost immediately by peacemakers. He was sobbing as they had to drag him up to the stage, calling out to every god he had heard of.

    The peacekeepers led the two away, into town hall, allotted ten minutes, only six hundred seconds, to speak with family. As if that was enough time to say goodbye to people you'll never see again. Most likely. With Tremera's legs, she doubted she'd get through the first day. Her father didn't come, only her brother, who wept with her silently, the first time she had seen him cry.

    Finally, as the ten minutes were drawing to a close, Lind said to her, "No matter what happens in there, no matter what you have to do to survive, I will still love you all the same, as if you had never left. I promise you that." He said, setting his jaw and patting her on the head gently before he was led out.

    Dryden's family all came, his brothers not saying anything, his mother breaking down, and his father telling him strategies and maneuvers that would hopefully keep the small boy alive. Finally, he told Dryden to keep breathing normally, don't let yourself get worked up, else he'd have either an asthma attack, a panic attack, or a panic attack caused by an asthma attack.

    Then, the ten minutes were up, and his mother, screaming and crying, shouted over the shoulder of his dad, who was trying to lead her out without making a scene, and failing, "I love you, my baby!"
  4. Vlad was standing in a group of boys, just on the edge near the girls. He was far away in thought though, he was thinking about today. He had once loved it, it was his birthday, but now he hated it. He hated the capitol too, what sick people would put a poor girl through killing people or being killed. That's right he knew what the "Hunger Games" were before anyone else, being the mayor's son had its perks. He was scanning the crowd of girls now for whatever poor lady would be going into that arena. He remembered this morning his father told him about it, "Son you know your your name probably isn't in and your brother's and sister won't have a thing to worry about." He had paused a long time before answering his dad, "Replace my brothers' names with mine... I wanna go in John," he called his father by his first name, "I have to save the girl that goes in. I'm gonna die John...just face it and let it happen. " His father's face had paled and then he'd just nodded. Vlad and then left and began his building jumping, he went to the square and had waited. There was a few minutes he had to just stand and relax, then everyone arrived and he had drifted into thought. He snapped out of it when he heard his father talking, "Ladies and Gentlemen of District 1, I would like to welcome you to the..ah..selection of our tributes to these games. As a show of good faith my son, Vlad, has asked his name put in twice. But that is against the rules, however he may Volunteer to go into the games any of you can." Vlad was listening now, his father shouted as he reached into the boy's bowl and pulled out a paper as quickly as possible, "Emerald Stevens," the boy started forward and was shoved back as Vlad started up there. The boy didn't move to object, judging by Vlad's cold glare he was going to be in these games. "I volunteer as tribute," Vlad's kind voice was hardened to a hateful sound, a voice that implied "Try to take this from me and I'll kill you..." He walked up on stage and shook his father's hand. Then he turned and face the crowd, some of the girls were looking at him with admiration. He scanned the crowd, finding the girl he was looking for in it and smirking some when he found her. "As always...on a bad day Zora is a perfect way to relax, I hope she isn't the one to go in with me...she doesn't know me at all. She looks pretty today, out of them all she's definatly the prettiest...and the most difficult to get along with if you say the wrong things. I hope she isn't'll be very hard to convince her to join up with me, I'm sure she hates my guts since I'm a rich kid. My thoughts can be pretty random on a bad day." His thoughts roamed to other girls, then to memories of late nights with some of them. He snapped out of it as his father said, "Now for the ladies." Vlad immediately braced himself for the worst thing possible: Zora getting picked. His father's hand descended into the bowl, already he could see his dad hoping it wasn't his daughter and Vlad was hoping it wasn't Zora, his father knew that Vlad had a large Crush on the lower class girl and cast a sad gaze to his favorite son as he looked up from the slip of paper, "No...don't say it...oh god it's her. I can see it in his eyes, I have to be distant form her yet close enough to make a team possible...I hope we don't get very close. What if we do? Maybe we could develop a relationship and win sympathy...from the capitol to spare the both of us. No that's impossible, those capitol bastards are barbarians...they'd love to watch her kill her boyfriend. I can't let her love me or even know that I love her...she cannot be so close to me that she won't kill me." He watched his father mouth the words, "I'm sorry son," before turning to the crowd and saying the name "Zora Zellath! Please come to the stage," he was about to turn to Vlad to comfort his son but was stopped by the head peace keeper who whispered something into his ear, his father shot a horrified and agonized look at his son. He turned to the mic and said the words that hit Vlad like a ton of bricks, the peacekeeper had seen the pain his Vlad's eyes, "and um...shake hands with Vlad."