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  1. Many people have a "line" for humour; jokes that are just never funny for them. Racism, rape, dead babies, paedophilia, blonde jokes, the list goes on.

    So what's your line? What kinds of jokes will never be funny to you?

    I have a kind of a weird line. I dislike what I call "sitcom jokes". That is, jokes on the basis of the stereotype stupid/goofy husband with a smart/domineering wife. Ha. Ha.

    I know people who make jokes based on stereotypes of any kind don't necessarily subscribe to those ideas, but I don't know. For me, "men are poor dumb sods doomed to live trying to please the smartmouthed bullies that are women" is just never a remotely funny theme.
  2. As long as I KNOW it's just a joke, I am pretty much fine with anything, even if it's dark and super offensive. O_O I have to find humor even in the dark things, otherwise I get really upset with life. D:

    However, if I hear jokes coming from people that I feel like it's not really a JOKE from and that they're actually like that deep down... I don't like it. >>; Those kind of people that make the jokes, but you know/think they might actually DO those things.
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  3. Political satire and blonde jokes will never be humorous for me. It's quite simple. I don't care about or for politics and blonde jokes are just so cliché and irrevocably stupid that I can't help but stare at the person like they have no idea what they're talking about.
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  4. Everything @Diana said nails it perfectly, really. That, and knowing the crowd and setting. In a family dinner setting, maybe that's not the best time to pull out racial humour.

    BUT! Humour is the pill to make life easier to swallow. Even offensive humour is just there to make you laugh, not to be cruel. If you can laugh at yourself, and your beliefs, that's a sign of maturity: It shows you can not only take criticism, but take it with a smile.
  5. I can do most of anything, dark humor, political stuff, offensive humor....

    My line is at toilet humor. I don't get people's fascination with those kind of jokes and find it disgusting, but everyone does have a preference.
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  6. ...Come to think of it....I don't actually have one. I mean...Yeah, I don't. Wait. No. Jokes about animals dying. Can't do it, won't do it. I don't want to think about dead cats.
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  7. I've never been able to laugh at "cringe" humour. it's not that it's offensive to me or anything, I just don't find it particularly funny.
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  8. I always get uncomfortable around sex jokes. Depending on context I may laugh, but I don't like to.
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  9. This post is now stolen by me.
  10. I don't think I have a line for humour... I mean, I'm a woman, I'm latin american, and other things, but I find funny sexist and racist jokes, and jokes about rape or paedophilia. I'm going to hell for my sense of humour lol
  11. I'm not really a fan of jokes about death of animals, it kind of makes me cringe. I'm basically fine with any other jokes as long as it's a joke but I wouldn't necessarily laugh at them but they wouldn't really offend me. To be honest I find myself hilarious though ;), don't really know if that's off topic but eh well y'know.
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  12. You see, I'm one of those people who don't find certain jokes funny.

    -Holocaust jokes
    -Jokes at the GLBQ and Gender identity groups
    -Making jokes about someone who died
    -Will Ferral
    -Adam Sandler
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  13. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to jokes, as long as I know it's a joke. Like the other day I was looking through a website and saw a meme with Bill Cobsy that said 'I love pudding! Pudding my dick where it don't belong!' I thought it was funny, but most people wouldn't. But I'm one of those people who tries to find the humor in everything if I can, but there's somethings that just aren't funny, usually related to senseless violence.
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  14. I didn't know people made jokes about these two.
  15. No the jokes they make are not funny, that's what I meant.
  16. I don't find jokes about racism funny given with everything going on in the world.
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  17. This one knows where it isn't at.

    Ferret death Jokes are the worst.
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  18. Well, to be honest, I don't really have any line when it comes to humor. In fact, I relish in dark humor and grossing out my friends with it is one of my greatest hobbies. I understand some people may get offended, but I don't believe jokes of all things should be taken seriously. Sure, I do find certain themes stupid, like the notorious jokes about blondes, but I don't get fussy when someone jokes at their expense; I simply don't laugh and move on.
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  19. there are literally no lines I'm not willing to cross when it comes to jokes!
  20. I don't have any lines for extreme content. I can find plenty to laugh at in the most offensive of jokes, no problem. I also make jokes about things purposely to offend people all the time, so I'm not just a passive participant there.

    There are some things that I just don't find funny though. A lot of them are just because they're so heavily overdone in general, like a lot of basic stereotype-based humor lots of people resort to due to lack of originality and the lame ass "hurr my spouse/child did a funny/crazy thing!!!" jokes and anecdotes you get from boring dad type comedians.

    Then there's the realm of what I call Will Ferrell humor, the kind of stupid shit you get in his movies and almost everything Steve Carrell is in, and it's just straight up dumb and annoying. I can do stupid humor (Super Troopers is my favorite comedy movie for example), but that particular brand of it is just.. painful.
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