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A contriving, scrupulous, laconic, imperturbable, and adroit female is requested for substantive interactions. The contents of posts require both luxurious quality and quantity, and pristine grammar. Amour and passion is acceptable, but not required.

We will engage in a premise of our creation. Planning and exchange of ideas is mandatory for this to function. I prefer the mood and themes of the roleplay to be grim, but it's not required. However, the setting and time period can be whatever we wish for. Anything is possible, so choose your poison and include it in your message to me.

I’m a humble, patient person. I prefer male/female pairings, but will not dismiss other variations if there is good chemistry between me and my partner. I don’t pester people for posts, but my attention will gradually wane the longer you are away. I try to react and act and push the story in a natural and meaningful way. I also try to make things comfortable out-of-character by talking and discussing things. I don’t get offended by any kind of topic or opinion. Finally, I work with children and teenagers, which means that there is a confidentiality contract in place, which in turn is something that I’ve extended to this hobby. Therefore, anything that you say I will take with me to the grave and never speak a word of it.
I hope that you are someone of pristine standards, sensibility, and humility. I hope that this hobby is important to you, that you practice it actively, and that your reasons for it extend beyond indulgence. Lastly, I hope that you realize a partnership to be more than a specific pairing or plot. It is a symbiosis, synergy between two writers.


The following links should function as inspiration for a pitch to me in your message. They are in no particular order. Each page has a myriad of sub-tropes that can also spark creativity. However, I don't do fandoms. Lastly, send a private message, don't post here.

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