Humans and Animals Part II

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  1. Part I: The Beginning -

    In the year 2024, scientists invented a secret drug which you gain inhuman strength and abilities of an animal. The drug has no name yet but people reading the news started calling the drug ‘IAD’ standing for Inhuman Animal Drug. The IAD has tested on humans in a couple of months, soldiers has developed different kinds of abilities, one can run fast like a Cheetah, one can hear sounds from a far distance like a bat, and some others gained the ability to fly like birds, having feathery wings. Scientists have also discovered that if people take the same drug more than once, the person will lose its humanity, having no memory of their human life and this can be solved by gathering pieces of their past.

    Later, the IADs Production stopped making the drugs and abandoned the lab, scientists believed that these drugs they invented were dangerous and has now been sealed in a safe that no one can unlock it. Couple of years has passed, they found out the safe was destroyed and all the last IADs has been stolen. In the news, a load of banks has been robbed and shopping centres has been taken over by terrorists. Everything behind all this was a member of the lab, a traitor who plans to change the world with the secret drug ‘IAD’. His name was Professor Rex, the scientist who came up with the secret drug idea.

    A lot of people were volunteered to be soldiers of the military and aimed to save the country and their families. In just two weeks trained, the new recruited members has been assigned to be real soldiers and begun the war against Professor Rex.

    The military has a special squad called the 'Infinity Squad', divided in 2 groups: group 1 and group 2. These two groups have to split up and eliminate the criminals. Rookies and subordinates have to obey their superior's orders, and you have to let your team stay alive from the bad guys.
    Part II: After Rex past away -

    4 years has passed.......

    The television and radios flash on with a terrified reporter. "This is CNN with the global report. Estimated about 5 hours ago there were reported mass robbers through the United States. All the attacks were almost simaltantolsy in origin which baffled local law enforcement. " the reporter pauses and mumbling can be heard next to him. "I've just been informed all the attackers seemed to have one common chararistic. They all seemed to display a strange animal like behavior. After a interview with a bank supervisor. He told us how the assailants panted and acted aggressive toward each other like they were dogs. These men are at large. If you see anyone acting strangely please keep a eye on them. I'm Tom Tucker for CNN news."

    So the plot is basically 6 crime lords formed a unsteady alliance under the leadership of Saron. Saron convinced them to join by transforming there soldiers into the animal super soldiers from before by using a lesser drug his scientists cooked up using the samples taken from the dead successful test subjects. This drug isn't as potent as the original. It makes the users animal instincts over take them from time to time. There bodies also are inflicted with minor animal like features that are hard to spot. So, Saron is the ring leader in this circle of crime but he is hidden under his atlas The king of the urban jungle.

    1. Post your OC and please follow the OC format
    2. Respect others
    3. Be fair
    4. Do not power play over another RPer’s materials
    5. If you are about to leave the RP, leave a message or else idk if you are even on

    Ok, there are two OC templates, the criminal side and the military side. Choose one and start creating your OC!

    ((Become a Criminal!!!))
    Animal Gene: (Elephant? Lion? and if your OC is SSS rated, you can have 2 animal genes but you have to ask me to be SSS: also you can make up your animal gene)
    Criminal Rating: (S --> SS --> SSS)

    ((Join the Military!!!))
    Age: (18 – 50)
    Military Reputation: (Rookie- -> Subordinate --> Superior)
    Power Suit: (picture recommended)
    Power Suit description: (what does your power suit have or do? A jetpack? Does it last longer while underwater? Can it change modes? Can it shoot rockets?)
    Here's my OC:
    Name: Shura
    age: 18
    Gender: F
    Animal Gene: Eyrie
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Kind hearted, trust worthy, loyal, and sweet.
    Criminal rating: S
    weapon: she's able to escape easily, and she can atttack with her claws when she's in her animal form
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