Hullo, mates.

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  1. Decided to be kind of a smart ass since I wondered if Spanish would be allowed in the subject line.

    Hello! I am Jaydee, a new member. I'm twenty-six years old, and I hail from the north of Mexico.

    My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, history, animation, videogames, and meditation. I love storytelling, which is what ultimately drove me towards Iwaku since there are so many stories I'd like to either tell or participate in.

    I've actually been roleplaying for a long time now, back when I was twelve, younger if we're counting playing with action figures and stuff, and I've gone on various genres, my favorites being science fiction and adventure. I've been going through forums, chats, and journals, and I thought I could do well in joining up.

    A few things about myself:
    • The canons I like the most are Halo, Scrubs, Clannad, Dragonball Z, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Band of Brothers, Sailor Moon, Vikings, Evangelion, among a few other things.
    • My favorite kind of music is orchestral: Two Steps From Hell since it's storytelling fodder, Yuki Kajiura, Immediate Music, Howard Shore, John Williams, Marty O'Donnell, and Kazuma Jinnouchi.
    • I like playing Halo, Age of Empires II, and Mount and Blade: Warband, since history is one of my favorite subjects and the medieval era is just ripe for stories from both brutal reality and idealistic romanticism.
    I'm eager to write with you guys.
  2. *appears and bows* Greetings and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time here and make many fond memories.
  3. Hallo Jaydee, welcome to the community! ^o^
  4. @Jaydee

    Hey there! Wow, you've got a lot of interests and hobbies. Cool. You should show off some of your work in the Writing and Art Museum.

    So you like Band of Brothers? I've been meaning to watch that.
  5. It's a really good series! One of my favorites when I was younger. I can still remember the ads they gave on the History Channel when they announced they would be airing the series.

    I'll be showing my work there sometime. I admit I am not much into digital drawing, but there's stuff I want to show sometime, and to learn from.

    Thanks! I... admit I didn't know much of the patrons at the time I signed up. XD

    Thank you! I saw several RPs coming in that grabbed my attention. I hope I get in some of them!