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  1. As the title says I am looking for a How To Train Your Dragon 2 rp partner.

    I do not have many rules but from the few I do have are:

    - No one liners
    - No partners under the age of 18, it's just because I am twenty and I feel weird and kinds creepy rping with younger people.
    - Be creative and communicate <3

    Okay I do mxm fxf and fxg. I play Dom and Submissive. But prefer the role of a switch or doubling up in pairings.

    Pairing: (in these pairings I would like to play Hiccup)


    Hiccup x Toothless <3 <3
    Hiccup x Astrid
    Fem Hiccup X Toothless
    Fem Hiccup x Male Astrid

    Cross Overs

    Hiccup x Jack Frost
    Merrida x Hiccup
    Elsa x Male Elsa (AU)


    Korra x Asami
    Korra x Bolin


    Loki x Thor
    Thor x Jane
    Darcy x Loki
    Bucky x Steve

    (offer suggestions)

    Avatar (On Pandora)


    Please post here or pm me ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.