HP: The Prophecy of the Four

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  1. Platform 9 3/4
    September 1st - 10:30 AM (Train leaves at 11:00 AM)

    "Mother! I'm perfectly fine. I have Mashi and I'm sure my lovely friends will be here soon. I should go save them a seat, don't you think?" Haley Gilmore spoke with Daisy in a impatient tone. Her father, brothers, and grandmother could not make it to the train to watch Haley leave for the year, so of course Daisy was trying to make up for it by being everyone at once.

    "Now, Haley. Don't rush me off. I want you to be safe and have fun. Learn a lot!" Daisy kissed Haley on the forehead, her bags were already in place on the train and Haley held her cat in a small cage next to her. Haley's anxiety made it hard for her to do certain things and sometimes leaving her mother and getting on a train made her anxiety act up, so Haley would bring her small brown cat on the train to calm her down. Though it seemed her three best friends were just as good as Mashi in the category of calming her down.

    Haley quickly got onto the train and headed for second to last seating area on the train, on the left side of course. This is where they always sat-Annellisse, Alice, Holland, and herself. This is where they met when they were just tiny little 1st years.

    Haley was the first to arrive, she sat down and let Mashi out of her cage to sit on her lap. Haley sat with her ankles crossed, starring out the window, and mindlessly stroking Mashi who purred and slowly fell asleep. Haley's brown hair is naturally curly, but today she tamed it and threw it up in high pony tail. So the brown mesh of curls fell along the middle of her back. Her newly pressed uniform was as comfortable as always.

    "I can't believe it's year three. We have electives this year, Mashi. And I think it'll be nice." Haley spoke softly to herself as she continued to stare out the window, letting her mind drift off to imagining this year.
  2. Holland arose from her bedroom in Wales to her sister laughing and making pancakes. "Liz whats gotchya so roudy at 7 in te mornin?" She asked the older female. She then saw the time.

    As she ate, she started to smile. She then yelled "the train leaves soon! Bloooooody heeeeell!" She quickly packed a bag. She ran down the stairs and used a portkey to jump to the station.

    "Haley!" She called out to her dear friend. "I missed you so much!" She said as she wrapped her itsy bitsy frame around Haley in a hug.
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  3. Annellisse exited the floo with just a stumble and quickly dusted herself, and the small basket that held her dearest Cookie, moving quickly out of the way to allow her father, who was carrying her trunk, could come out unimpeded. She usually didn't see her father much during the summers, he was always busy either managing the family's accounts or supervising how anything went at the apothecary. But he always made time in his busy schedule to go deliver her to the Hogwarts Express. It had become a small tradition to them. She treasured those small moments she could have her father all to herself, but she was also excited to meet her friends again. The four of them made for an unusual group, but she adored them anyways. It's not like she would have been lonely without them, but things would certainly not have been as fun. Annellisse could hardly wait to meet with them to discuss how their summers had gone.

    When her father exited the floo she promptly took his hand, uncaring that she may be considered too old for such things, and allowed him to lead her through the crowd and into the train. 'Are you sure it's going to be fine?' Her father asked, seeing as he couldn't board the train with her to make sure she was settled.
    'I'll be fine, Father, I'm sure my friends are already waiting for me.'
    'Very well' Her father said as he mussed her hair affectionately 'remember to write home'
    'Every week, just like Mother asked.' She rose on her toes to kiss her father's cheek, though he still had to bend down in order for her to be able to do so. With a final wave she disappeared into the train.

    It didn't take long for her to find her way to what she mentally labeled THEIR compartment, people always seemed to avoid that area, for some strange reason. With a bounce in her step she went to open the door. Her smile widened when she saw two of her friends were already there.

    'Haley, Holland! It's so nice to see you again' She said as she enveloped each of them in a hug. 'How was your summer?'
  4. Haley was off in her own world for a bit but quickly snapped out of it at the sound of Holland's voice. Standing uo she squealed and wrapped her arms around Holland, returning her hug.

    "Goodness! You're lovely, Holland!" As Haley let go she smiled at her friend before Annellisse came aboard and hugged them before.

    "My summer was on the boring side. How was all of yours?" Haley couldn't help but smile, she had missed her friends a lot. Summer was always an average experience for her. She hung out with her brothers and listened to her grandmother's stories while she ate cookies by her side.
  5. Holland smiled and giggled shyly. "Thanks" she kneaded her ball of her foot against the floor. She missed the friends in her quadsome of witches. They had been friends for years and only around them and her sister was she completely herself.

    "My summer was utterly it was total bullocks. I went to the shopping mall with Stef, boys kept hitting on me. It was gross."
  6. Annellisse giggled at Holland's answer. She was glad to see the two of them again. 'oh, Holland, I'm sure you left them totally speechless' She said in between giggles. 'My sumer was pretty average. I went to visit my sister in her new flat a couple of times. Oh, and Mother tried again to teach me how to take care of her plants. It was a bit embarrassing to see my little brother be better at it than me.' Worse part is that it wasn't even a lie. Her little brother seemed to have the same gift their mother had when it came to plants.

    Alice was humming to some music when she got to platform 4 3/4. her father could't come because of work and her mother was dead. she walked slowly to the train when she noticed her friends. she smiled as she slowly walked behind Annellisse before speaking, hopefully scaring her. "Holland, Haley, Annellisse, My summer has been wonderful if you ever think of asking me."
  8. Holland laughed happily but quietly."Well sorry that you were bloody well late!" She said as she hugged Alice .
  9. Haley laughed at her friends, they all seemed to have had boring summers, okay Alice had an excellent summer but still. Everything seemed boring compared to Hogwarts! Everything happened during the school year. While Muggles anxiously awaited the first day of school many Hogwarts kids did not. After all, spending a summer without using magic isn't fun. Maybe summer will be more fun when they turn of age.

    Haley sat by the window again, her legs crossed underneath her and her small cat curled up in her lap again. She let out a wide smile and said, "Goodness! Do you realize how old we are getting? Yet how much longer we still have at Hogwarts?" Haley pet Mashi as she spoke.
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