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    The rare sight of the sun could be seen over the hills of Bridgewood, illuminating the dew that clung to the grass. It was late summer, the beastly heat giving way to cool mornings. Perfect for those creatures that had thick coats of fur. And along with the morning came the rising of the wolfbloods. It was an important day for all of them. It was two nights before the full moon. The pull could be felt all around. Sight, smell, sound, everything felt better. More alive. Even though it was getting to be into autumn, the temperature was around the fifties. Perfect weather for sweaters. To be exact the date is September 6th, the full moon is on September 8th, and rises at 8 pm, and disappears at 7 am. The North Wind, isn't much of a pack right now. There aren't many wolves in the pack, and are just trying to live their lives. South Wind, on the other hand, is being encroached by another village, and expanding their territory, right into the North Wind.

    Morning dew, pine, and the smell of fresh grass flooded Anari's nose as she looked around her settings. She was standing on the balcony to her room, letting the scents and smells of a morning after rainfall sink in. It was one of those rare sunny mornings in Canada. She could hear woodpeckers somewhere off in the distance working away at the local pine trees. Grinning, Anari stretched her arms up to the sky. Normally waking up wasn't a pleasant thing for the young adult, but when you got to smell everything swirling together it was hard to resist. And she had the luxury of feeling it every day. It was only two days away from the full moon too, and Anari was feeling it. Through her blood pumped energy that came from somewhere deep inside. Stepping back from the balcony, Anari made it a point to go put on clothes before going out on a morning run.

    Pushing back inside the house, Anari looked around her room. Her bed was still ruffled and messy, the light shining over the dark sheets. Her room was mostly that way, dark like a cave. Reaching for her dresser, she grabbed a sweater and a pair of athletic pants. With a quick change, Anari was off, not even bothering to run through the house. Her phone said it was 7:30 in the morning. Grinning, Anari began to jog. Headphones in, Anari leapt over the railing of her balcony, taking off into the forest as she pleased. It only took her half an hour to get all the way to the lake in the woods. One of her favorite spots to just stop, sit on a rock, and stare. Cool breeze brushed past her flushed cheeks. Taking a seat on a nearby rock, Anari took in the view of the rising sun bouncing across the lake as her music pumped through her ears
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  3. Mildred Ambrose

    the road was bumpy and not well maintain, but the truck kept pushing through. In the driver seat sat a young female, early twenties. Both hands were on the steering wheel trying to keep the old beast steady. she looked tired, as she had been driving throughout the night before, there wasn't a lot of places that would take her, and there sure wasn't any motels to stay at. She was aimlessly driving through the night, until recently when she began to catch onto a scent. Much like before when she got into the city of bridgewood, but this time it was getting stronger and the more she followed the road the more stronger it got.

    It wasn't until she saw this magnificent house right off the side of a river. This is where the scent got stronger, could it have been the pack she had caught wiff of before? The young lady hoped it was so. She stopped at a reasonable spot, very close to the house, she opened up the car door and stepped out. She stood to be 5'9 and had a rather lithe figure. Her hair went past her shoulders, a mix of dreads and natural wavy hair. Wearing yoga pants, combat boots, a black denim skirt and a tattered black hoodie and a black bandana. it was Mildred's favorite outfit.

    Dred closed the car door behind her and popped the trunk open, she pulled out a knife and cut the belt for the engine. "Just incase I need an excuse to stay" she spoked to herself before putting the blade back in the holster of her side. she was rather desperate at the moment, and as much as she hated searching for help, she needed it badly at the moment. And at the moment the scent was getting stronger, lavender...

    Following the scent, she was led away from the house she left her truck at. This scent wasn't normal, yes it was lavender, but it was also something else, something only a wolfblood can emit. This could be what she was looking for. It was an hour before the scent got so strong, she was almost sure that this wolfblood was on top of her. It didn't take long before she noticed a female figure, sitting on a rock starring into the lake. Jesus Christ, what do I say?

    "Hey! Do you have a second to help me out?" She called out, but no reply. "Hey!" Again no reply. She moved closer, and saw she had headphones in, so she tapped her on the should and prayed to God she wasn't gonna attack. "Hey do you know if there's any wolves that live in this area? Like wolf activity? Been trying to take photo's of wildlife here and I've been told I can find some nice specimens" she was bluffing obviously, and was hoping she would catch onto that, but she want sure if she was wolfblood? Or human, for all she knew there could be a wolfblood a few feet away, and this was a human.​

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    North Wind
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    Random house → Streets
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    William's outfit (a lot more worn out)
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    "Gone Bad" - Monsta X
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    It was a nice morning, the only problem was how early it was. He groaned and shifted in the bed, the incredibly soft bed that he had been staying with for a couple of days now. If it was his choice he would never leave, but the world didn't work out that way, the world never worked out his way. Reluctantly he opened his eyes to only be blinded by the cursed sunlight, his hand coming up to shield his eyes from it right away before sitting up and ruffling through his red strands that were slightly messy. "Damn that was a good night's sleep..." He told himself as he stretched his long limbs into the air, kicking off the blanket, and then standing up. The wooden floor was cold underneath his bare feet and the direct sensation sent a shiver up William's spine, one he shrugged off as he headed into the shower. A refreshing shower always made him feel better, especially considering that it was so early and he hated waking up early, but today his body had just decided that it was "rise and shine" time before the sun had the proper chance of warming up the air. He soaked in the shower for a very long time, just letting the warm water keep his body nice and heated --like it had been underneath the blanket-- before he had to step outside to not waste the water. He would have gotten himself some breakfast, but his provisions had run out and he wasn't planning on raiding an nearly empty fridge. He made quick work of drying his hair and getting dressed in the newly washed rags he liked to call "clothes". There were several holes in his shirt and pants, his shoes looked pretty good still.

    "Welp, thanks for letting me stay here!" William said as he opened the same window he had entered through with a little backpack hugging his back. That was his "provisions" backpack, where he had food with him that he had either bought or stolen. A man did what a man had to do to survive out on the streets. The cold air made him hiss a little bit, but he ended up jumping out of the window and into a back alley, neatly closing the window behind himself and then casually stepped into the streets. This was how his life was now. He knew enough about the streets to know when people were going away for a little while, which was a perfect opportunity for him to borrow their houses for a bit. He didn't steal their food, but he borrowed their bed and their warm four walls, luxuries that William could no longer afford himself. A working street musician didn't have a steady income, so renting an apartment was close to impossible, which made him one of those homeless street livers. At the very least he was clean, he had never touched anything shady and stayed far away from alcohol. It was a waste of money, money that didn't grow on trees for William. He had a couple of change left in his pocket, should be enough for a decent meal somewhere, but he might as well start off his day like usual.

    Long legs carried him over to his usual corner where he pulled out his guitar from his little provision backpack, and he sat down on the cold pavement. It was really cold, it was threatening to freeze his butt off, but he sat down nonetheless. His fingers carefully and gently tuned the instrument that he cared for --almost-- more than his own life, and then his fingers glided over the strings to create a beautiful tune. He closed his eyes and sighed a bit, his the back of his head hitting the wall of the building he was leaning on, and his eyes opening themselves only to stare up at the plain sky. The sky was meant to be soothing, to give a calming feeling of freedom, but for some reason, whenever William looked at the sky he only felt melancholy. He diverted his gaze from the blue sea, and instead focused on his guitar again. One note was followed by another, and it wasn't long before William's voice joined in to bring a song to the people passing him by. Many stepped by him like he was a ghost on the street, some dropped a few coins here and there in the little cup that was provided. He never earned a lot, but it was usually enough to go by for a couple of days. It helped when he didn't eat more than once or twice a day, at its best three times.

    He had just reached the last note in the first song when a very small crowd --consisting of five people at its best-- gave him applause and a few coins. A bright smile formed over his lips as he thanked them wholeheartedly, just as he saw a pair of black boots stepping in front of him. This guy again. It was no secret that William was not fond of the police, he wasn't even fond of the government, but this one police officer had taken a strange liking to him. He may have known William's parents, but that didn't mean that he had some sort of responsibility over William. Two years had gone by since William began living on the streets, and in the beginning it was great to have the police officer as an asset, but that was it. He was an asset, something he could use whenever he needed to get out of trouble, nothing more. His heterochromia eyes spared the man one look, his emerald green one always looked a lot fiercer than his dark brown, but he stared at him nonetheless, before he gazed back to his guitar and was about to start a new song, but the police officer had other plans. His huge hand blocked the neck of the guitar, silencing the note that William had started on, and brought back the awkward silence that always lingered in between the two of them.

    "I'm working here," William harshly spat as he tried playing the note again, but the guitar was ripped from his hands which forced him to stand up in the attempt of getting it back. "If you break that, you're paying for it!" He hissed angrily and bit back the will to curse, he had to show the officer some respect.

    "Will, I am--"
    "--Only friends can call me Will. It's William for you,"

    He interrupted him. His arms crossing themselves over his chest as he gave the scar on his nose a few scratches, luckily it was blocked by the band aid that he had placed there for not too long ago, though he knew that some blood had already seeped through it. He could feel it, and he saw it in the mirror of the bathroom he had borrowed for the last couple of days. He couldn't afford a new package of band aids, and it wasn't far up on his "need to survive" list anyway. He'd steal a package if it came to it.

    "William. I am concerned about you. It's autumn now and when the winter comes--"
    "--I don't need your charity Officer Keller. I don't need your pity either. I've done this for two years, and you start getting yourself concerned this year? Yeah, no thanks,"

    William said as he snatched his guitar back, and grabbed the cup off the ground. He made quick work of counting the money, smiling a bit when he realized it was more than he had expected.

    "Have you ever thought of going back? Back home?"

    William looked over to Officer Keller as he put his guitar back in his backpack, the neck of it sticking out like it usually did, as he put the cup away as well. Home? What home? The only things he had was what fit in his backpack, there was no "home" for him anymore. Four walls that consisted nothing, but painful memories that stabbed daggers into his heart and mind every day was not a " home" it was a living nightmare. However he never expected anyone to understand him, but he had expected for some to listen that weren't paid to do so, but who would listen now that everyone had left? "This is my home. These streets," William answered him. It seemed as Officer Keller was having one of his more stubborn days today, so he would just have to find another spot to work today. If he had known that it was Keller that would take this patrol route today, then he would probably have walked over to one of his other spots. Unfortunately there was no way for him to know, unless he did a little bit digging around, which was absolutely never worth it. He had dealt with him before, and he would do it again.

    "What would your friends--"

    He interrupted him. However this time he didn't interrupt him with words, but with a closed fist. His right hand hit the Officer in the jaw, his hand shaking from how much it hurt when he landed the hit, and William could feel some blood seeping out of his knuckles, he must have hit a tooth or a few teeth. Keller stumbled back a little bit and dried away the blood from his lips, a few bystanders staring and whispering at what they had just witnessed, but all of them were too scared to interfere. "Don't you ever talk about them! Don't even think about them! You hear?!" William shouted to Officer Keller, turning his back to the man, before stepping away. He could feel his gaze of pity hitting him in the neck, but he did not bother to turn around and face him, instead he kept walking faster.

    At the first opportunity to sneak into a back alley he did, his hand slammed itself into a brick wall, to vent out some of his frustration. It was still shaking from the contact with Officer Keller's jaw, and it didn't start tremoring less now. "...They just don't understand," he murmured to himself as he brought his hand up to grab the golden locket tucked underneath his shirt, holding it up to open it and look at seven smiling faces, his own included. "...idiots. 'What would your friends say if they saw you like this?'" He quoted to himself. The same line he had heard so many times before. "They'd tell me to get my stupid butt home and stop moping around like a baby, but here's the difference--" He closed the locket and tucked it back safely into his shirt, hiding it from any potential pickpockets.

    "--They're not here," William deadpanned himself, before stuffing both hands into his jeans pocket --one of them had a hole in it-- and then continued to step down the street. He was hungry, he'd stop at a cheap cafe and buy himself a coffee and something else, some sweet, because this had been one bitter morning.
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    @~\The Talentless/~
    Anari was happily listening her music, nodding her head when she though she could smell something on the wind. Normally packs didn't cross each others territories, and Anari had marked hers very clearly. Not a single soul had come into her land for as long as she had lived in the pack house. It was quiet, she had to admit, and if she didn't start getting packmates she was going to loose all of it. Keeping up all the land by herself was hard enough already. Lifting her nose to the air, Anari closed her eyes and let her senses drink in the new smell.

    Along with pine trees, it smelled like someone had just done laundry. Straightening her posture, she narrowed her gaze over the lake. If there was another wolf in her territory, she might have eaten them alive. She felt a low growl building in her throat as she gazed around her.

    By the time the wolf had tapped her shoulder, Anari was ready. Growling, she snapped her head towards the woman, eyes glistening yellow. Her teeth were barred, black veins running across her skin. "What are you doing here?" She asked aggressively, her clawed hands scratching against the rock. "Since when do other wolf bloods live in Bridgewood. This has been my land forever. Explain yourself." Anari growled. The woman had dreads mixed with her natural hair. It was a nice shade of black with bleached areas. She didn't smell like a specific nearby pack, in fact she was totally near. Standing in front of her, she glared down at the woman, waiting for an explanation. Crossed arms, snarling teeth, Anari tried to figure the woman out.

    Slowly but surely, Anari seemed to calm down a little. The veining went away, but her stark eyes remained. "So, speak child." she snapped, glaring up at the woman. She was only a few inches taller, but it didn't matter. Short or not, Anari was here first, she would establish her dominance well.
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  6. Mildred Ambrose


    Mildred took a step back, it was all quite sudden. But understandable, she seemed to be an alpha of some sort, no one would be so defensive unless they had something to protect. Dred snarled back in return, her veins becoming grey, but she too a deep breath and relaxed, her veins returned to a shade of blue again. She was over tired, even if she tried to fight, she'd surely lose, between being tired, and the fact that this chick probably knew the lands better than Dred did, so that wouldn't be a bright idea.

    She sighed and cut the act "I'm not from here" she began, speaking calmly, choosing her words wisely. She took a second to admire the color of her hair, it was neatly kept, and a calming shade of blue. Dreds hair was quite the opposite of the blue haired female. " look... I'm lost, I don't have a pack anymore, and I'm so... So tired" she began "I was driving in the city looking for a place, but there's not much here, and then I caught wiff of wolfblood and just followed it, I hate asking for help and I rarely do. But I haven't slept in the last 24 hours and I don't have a place to stay, and the bed of my truck is not the most comfortable." She relaxed her arms, and rested them at her sides and stared at the ground. " I'm sorry I intruded, but I'm desperate " Dred finished. " the names Mildred by the way, or Dred if you wish" she added, hoping to gain some trust by sharing her name.

    This wasn't like Dred to be asking for help, but she really had no other choice, not to mention she basically rendered her truck useless at the moment with the cut belt. But that was the level she was at, she was tired of being on the move, looking for a new place to call home was hard when your a Wolfblood, as there is many other packs who defend their land well.​
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    @~\The Talentless/~
    Anari looked the wolf up and down. She didn't like to be snarled at, understandable. But she seemed to be aware that stepping into her territory was a risky move and trying to challenge her would be a mistake. Crossing her arms, Anari kept her sharp gaze trained on the woman's movements. If she made any move to try anything, Anari could strike first. All that special training wasn't for nothing.

    Scoffing slightly at the wolf saying she wasn't from here, Anari rolled her eyes. "I gathered that much. It's the first time I have smelled pine with fresh laundry along with another wolf blood." She stated, looking at the woman. Anari stopped to contemplate her words, letting all of it sink in. She was homeless, for the most part. She was looking for a home. Taking a breath, Anari shook her head of blue hair, which was tied back in a tiny little ponytail. "Sorry for the snarls and growls. It's.... It's been a long time since any wolf blood has come onto these lands. Name's Anari." She said, offering up a hand to shake.

    "As it would seem, I am also in need of people, so consider this a place to stay." She said, gesturing around her. "I have a house not to far, but considering you said truck I am guessing you already knew that." She stated, shaking her head. "Early morning. Yada yada. I haven't eaten yet. Nice to meat you Dread. Would you like to go back for some coffee and ham?" She asked, looking at the woman. "I know I don't have the best social skills, but I can certainly let you stay for a while. So far, it's just me out here. Me and the house." She stated, pulling her sweater up over her closed fists and leaning back on the rock.
  8. Mildred Ambrose


    Dred let out a sigh of relief "Jesus Christ I thought you were gonna write me off or attack me...thanks for not doing that" She tried to make some humor of the situation. Her body now seemed more relaxed and calm, slightly tired even, but much more calm now. As much as she hates to say it, she would absolutely love to have some coffee and ham, weird combination for breakfast to her, but it totally beats eating insta noodles and the occasional small animal if she happened to find one... just not rats. The thought of having to live off of rats made her sick, Thank god it didn't have to come to that.

    "so no other pack members? just you? So that means there is only one alpha and that's you?" she asked, of course she was alpha, she totally showed it just a couple seconds ago. Thinking about alpha's made her recall to when she was an alpha female of her pack, where she thought she had it all figured out, before the pack turned on her, but she was the one who disagreed, so she held herself accountable for the deaths of her pack, not to mention the ones she had to put down as they attacked her, she didn't want to do it. If she was there, maybe they could've fend off the other pack that attacked. The thought of all this eventually left an empty feeling in her chest.

    But no, this time would be different, she would redeem herself, and make things better again for her sake.
    "how have you survived for so long, I'm not here to question your skill, but if I'm not mistaken, there is other packs out here, I have caught some hints of that driving around." she added

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  9. [​IMG]

    Alexa didn't get much sleep last night and she'd love to say it was because she'd had company, but no. The lack of rest was due to her stupid older brothers. All night they had been butting heads and snapping at each other. The rising energy that was a side effect of the approaching full moon caused them to become cranky and irritable like babies. Of course the approaching lunar event had different effects on everybody. In her case, Alexa got disgustingly touchy feely and hippie level sappy. She'd actually gotten snarled at for aggressively and persistently nuzzling a pack mate. When she'd come to her senses, she'd locked herself in her room and now it was a new day and she seemed to have a better handle on her moon sick feelings.

    "Are you two happy?" She growled as she stormed outside where her brothers had collapsed after whining and wrestling all night. Andreas and Angelo stared up at her dumbly and Alexa leaned down to show them the bags under her eyes. "You two did this!" She snapped and they grinned at her sheepishly. "We love you?" they offered and she scoffed before stomping away.

    She headed towards her meadow, because she had seen fresh herbs growing the other day and she wanted to some back for the pack. As she walked she gazed at her busy pack mates, moving to and fro around her. Alexa could feel the tension radiating around them, not from the full moon but because of the territory disputes. It really annoyed the hell out of her that some nobody pack had the audacity to encroach on South Wind's territory, but what annoyed her more was that her pack was pushing into North Wind's lands. Now she was no tame wolf sympathizer, but she wished that instead of expanding into another packs territory they would just wrench theirs away from the intruders. Naturally, she would never express her feelings because she didn't want Nikolai to literally tear her a new one, so instead she would do what she did best; Supply and Fortify. First gather herbs from the meadow, then see if her bees had anything sweet to offer.

    She wondered if she could get anyone to come with her on her errands. Her brothers had no patience for "picking fucking daisies" as they so eloquently put it, and most of the South Wind pack members didn't care for anything that didn't involve ripping bunnies to pieces or more sentient beings. Alexa tapped a finger to her lips as she walked, trying to think of a good candidate for her company. Aiden might be a good choice...But he hates mosquitoes...Rainbow's always good company, but I need a gentle hand not...Brawn. If only he could treat picking flowers and harvesting honey the way he treated his hair. Alexa snickered at that thinking about how her pack mate doted so much on his impeccably neat hair. Definitely not Yuhei. She thought cringing at the mere thought of asking him to help her do something that didn't involve copious amount of blood. And obviously Nikolai isn't an option, so looks like I'm on my own. Alexa sighed, sucking her teeth and pouting. She hated running errands alone, but that's what she gets for liking horticulture and not hunt-culture. "Pfft!" Alexa snorted at her stupid word play and continued on to her meadow. When she reached the exit of her village, she shifted and broke into a run.

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    The morning sun pierced through one of the motel's cheap curtains and onto his face and eyes. Yuhei grimaced as this happened, and grumbled.

    Last night was such a very long night for him, even though it was an extremely fun one. He had picked a very big pocket at the pub, and made off with several hundred dollars. He wanted to keep a low profile in the town after that, out of caution, but still, the fun loving free spirit in him needed to enjoy, to celebrate. He stepped into a pretty upscale club, one that the pub guy would probably never get caught dead in, and then got into some drinking and dancing with a pretty lady, and ended up spending for a motel room (though on the cheap side) and making merry with his lady friend for the night.

    Lady friend.

    He remembered, and opened his eyes wider. His sense of smell was picking up on her perfume... Escape by Calvin Klein. It was still obvious in the room, but her more bodily scents weren't so obvious, though still lingering by his senses. She must've left earlier, he didn't remember doing anything criminal towards her, or changing into something less... humane. He smiled at the memory for a moment, and kept that smile as he threw on his clothes, and in his mind formulate a plan for the day. He was going to meet up with the others, the South Wind bunch, that was his plan for a while now, and he saw no need to bail on them. One needed to make the right investments in order to cash out at the end, after all.


    As he walked out the motel, he slapped $60 in the form of three twenty dollar bills on the counter.

    The wolf did have to make nice with the rest of the wilderness, after all. When convenient.
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    South Wind

    Alpha/Head of The Pack

    Moonlight River

    Energetic & Satisfied
    Freaking Out, Per Usual (Hearing Voices)

    No One In Particular

    No One In Particular

    No One In Particular​

    The Alpha of South Wind, Nikolai Bellamy, had woken up earlier than anyone else in his huge pack of different wolfbloods from all walks of life; he never woke up early for anything, today just felt different. He had found himself at the pack's River, fondly named Moonlight River. The medium-sized body of water had the tastiest of fish and Nikolai loved eating fish as much as he did deer. Shooting his head up from out of the clear water, he snatched up a big fish and held it up in the air. "Ahhh! I got you, you little bastard." He stared the fish down and proceeded to bite the poor creature's entire head off, with a loud and sick CRUNCH! sound. He swallowed the head and had a satisfied look on his face. "I love good food in the morning." He shot his head back onto the dirt and rested against the edge of the lake.

    It had been a couple of long days for him and his pack. It only took South Wind about three months to take over most of the forest in their new home. Nikolai still remembered the face the Alpha of another pack made when he saw Nikolai and his massive pack come their way. "Cowards... all of them." He grinned at the memory of seeing the blood that was sprayed that night. "I just love seeing my enemies beg for mercy, only to see them cry out in utter pain from having their limbs being ripped a part, piece by piece." He was enjoying his quiet morning. Usually he would be kicking around the lazier pack members and making them head to the Fight Cave and actually do some work for once, but today, he needed some me time. Nikolai was slowly loosing his mind faster and more often than usual the past few days; hearing new voices and those voices were more malevolent than his regular ones.

    Speaking of voices. "Oh Nikolai! You know your pack will turn on you one day, they'll all get tired of being ran by such an imbecile as you." A wicked voice spoke in his head, causing him to dive underwater, trying to literally drown the voice out. He screamed under the water; violently thrashing around with the half-fish body still in his hand, causing blood to spread around him. "Nikolai! You know you will NEVER get rid of us... NEVER!" He sat in the water for a few seconds, before his features started to turn more wolf-like in appearance. "Let it out... let the real Nikolai out!" He shot his head up out the water and his face started to turn back to human, trying to gain control. "No! I will not let you control me... any of you!" Wearing only tattered old jeans in the cool water, The Alpha sprung out the river and threw the half-fish on the dirt.

    He laid down in the grassy parts of Moonlight River, looking up into the bright clear sky. "Those fucking voices! Why won't they just go the hell away?!" He slammed his fists into the dirt, causing some of it to shoot up a few inches and cover his hands and forearms in the soft substance. His heart was beating faster by the second. He was having his daily psychotic breakdown that everyone in South Wind was all too well familiar with. "Come on Nikolai, you're a fucking Alpha. You control YOU... not some fucking voices." He sat up and held his legs together; laying his head on top.

    "I just... I just..." He grunted and balled up his fists, ready to strike at the first living being unluckily enough to fall into his line of vision. "I fucking need to swim." He took a starting run and dropped back into the river. Moonlight River was and will always be his safe place. His adoptive parents, the Healers and Caretakers of South Wind, use to always bring him to the river when he had one of his "episodes." He always calms down once he has taken a long dip in the cool and refreshing water. The Alpha let the water caress his body, as if it knew that he needed someone or something to show him that everything would be ok. He had a lot of planning to do with his pack and he didn't need his mind to go haywire with such a serious problem at hand, that he would discuss with everyone in due time.​

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  12. :rainbow:RAINBOW:rainbow:
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    Within one of the rooms of the Southern Wind Estate, A wild Rainbow can be seen holding A makeshift mirror in front of him, and he checks around to make sure nobody is looking as he grooms his hair to and fro, and while he's at it, giving his face a good shaving from some of the remaining shaving cream from last month. He hums a tone, an old tune from his childhood, while he goes at it, hacking and slashing away at his facial hairs.​

    *Press Play*
    He rubbed his hands through his thick, greasy hair, giving it that nice, combed-back look, and when it's all finished, he places a tad bit of hair over his forehead, placing the cherry on top of his everyday process of hair treatment. He stored all of the human items back in the cardboard box and slid it under his bed to hide the evidence. Exhaling deeply, he burst open his front door to reveal the great outdoors, he took in a deep inhale, and let out a huge sigh, giving the view a mere shrug before leaving the estate, carrying a rock in his hand and looking for something to use it on.

    And if nature couldn't bless him with a better opportunity, there, around ten feet in front of him, was a little squirrel skittering up a tree, looking at Rainbow like it thought it was the shit.
    "Oh? You think you're so fucking great sitting on that branch all high and fucking mighty huh? You little piece of fucking squirrel shit! I'LL SHOW YOU-"​

    "No! I will not let you control me... any of you!" A voice growled from afar, stopping Rainbow mid-rant. He turned around towards the voice and quickly went back towards the tree to dispatch the over-zealous squirrel, the rock flew like a bullet, breaking the branch, as well as several squirrel bones. But before he could go and admire his work, the voice from afar boomed again, now more clearer with the sound of splashing water.
    "Those fucking voices! Why won't they just go the hell away?!"
    That voice was definitely the sound of Southern Alpha Nikolai Bellamy.
    Fucking weirdo, screaming about 'inner voices' and splashing about in the river like a fucking pansy. It looked like the alpha needed some alone time. But Rainbow's NOT going to allow that, "Fucking Nikolai! He's over here fucking screaming and goin' batshit crazy while I'm over here, enjoyin' my sweet-ass time pelting the fucking wildlife...well I ain't havin' it!"

    He speed-walked his way over to the Moonlight river where Nikolai was swimming about, wearing nothing but his wholly jeans and his beard (whereas Rainbow has the decency to at least wear a T-shirt). The expression on his face clearly screams anxiety and steamy behavior, looking (to Rainbow at least) like another angry episode is on it's way downtown!

    And the last thing ANYBODY needs, is an angry fucking Nikolai.

    So, here's how Rainbow attempts to defuse a Nikolai-Bomb (Or, in essence, a 'Tsar-Bomba' ;)
    Firstly, he takes off his shoes, rolls up his pants, and takes a few steps into the cool, moonlight water. He then gives Nikolai a discerning look, grabbing his attention with "eyyy...N i k o l a i!!!" Finally, when the Nikolai is close, his discerning look turns to a flat, blunt look, and his right hand comes in for the kill, with a nice, firm, and strong slap to the face, right on the cheek! Rainbow's hands then go to his hips, and a rant ensues not long after that.
    "ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL!!?!?!?! I'm over here, takin' in the good air and practicing my stonin' skills, and here you are moanin' and groanin' about some DAAAAMN voices! I would've been alright if you were being quiet about it...but NOOO! I can hear you fucking yelling 'bout your voices...FROM THE FUCKING ESTATE!"

    Rainbow starts getting into it now, grabbing Nikolai and shaking him and pointing as he spoke, a little softer than before.
    "Look, Nikolai, you don't need to fucking swim, you need to fucking CALM DOWN! Swimming ain't gonna fix that, buddy. The only thing that can fix you."

    Rainbow let go of the Alpha, regaining his composure and ending his rant with a little tid-bit.
    "Oh! And one more thing! While you go and fix yourself up, please, for the love of all things glorious...put a fucking shirt on!
    Like, seriously, your abs are sending all the wrong signals..." He ended his rant with a small smile and crossed arms.

    Shit, I guess it's Nikolai's turn now...
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  13. Nora Salazar
    @IceQueen @Anybody Who Might Run Into Nora or Something

    Morning... A time to rise and shine, to greet the world as the sun rose up through the horizon... But not for Nora, at least for a while, the most she did was stirr when the faint rays of the sun crept throughout the cave, though this moment of calm would not last for long. As light slowly began to pierce the darkness in her cave, she finally stirred when the sun shone more or less, right in her face. Slowly getting up, she let out a quiet yawn, stretching herself out; it took her a moment to remember that in a few nights, the moon should be full again.

    Though, she didn't exactly have a calendar or anything, so she was basing this off of her instincts alone, something that she had slowly developed in her life on her own. It had been a good while since she had been able to become a wolf again, and she longed for a chance to visit one of the local settlements at some point, but she would not dare risk it in her human form. After all, it would be difficult to fit in, or act even remotely normal in even a rural community... The others she had once lived with in her village were not exactly the most diplomatic type either, so it would look even weirder for some tribal looking girl to suddenly approach from the forest with no particular reason at all.

    In short; Nora didn't think visiting humans in her human form was worth the trouble... As she had no idea how to interact with them... As a human, instead of a wolf. She shook her head, deciding to get herself up, stumbling out of her cave into the early morning sunlight, she felt a little groggy, naturally, but that was something that could be quickly resolved with a trip to the nearby river, but as always... Before she set off, she made sure to grab a primitively fashioned spear from her cave, just incase.


    The feeling of cold water on her face did the trick; she was awake, and even managed to bathe herself briefly, as out here in the wild... She doubted she would be seen by another passerby, but as a precaution, she typically kept things like this as brief as she could before getting dressed again. With that out of the way, and her thirst somewhat quenched, the only thing she had left to do was hunt... Though there were berries and other edible plants growing at the moment, she always had a strong appetite for meat; something the wolf in her probably played a role in.

    As much as she wished to become a wolf at the moment, she was unfortunately unable to control when she would be able to transform... So she had to hold out on her own, at least until the next full moon. With that, she was off, prowling the nearby forest, like she usually did every morning, looking for an ideal game that would hopefully keep her fed until the full moon, or at least the next day.​
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  14. ~Vincent McClain~

    Vincent woke to the warm feeling of the sun on his face. He had slept in a motel the night before, it was affordable and close by to his favorite bookstore in town. He had been waiting for a new book to be in stock, the selection being rather small currently. To his disappointment, he'd discover that there were no new books as of yet after cleaning himself up and walking to the small store. With a sigh, the Wolfblood would move on, deciding to walk around the area for a bit. The upcoming full moon had him feeling a bit antsy and excited. A groggy smile beginning to form as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

    At one point or another, he saw a small crowd and heard a bit of commotion. Not wanting to get involved he made his way around the crowd, noticing that one of the people in what appeared to be an argumant was an officer, though he couldn't get a good view of the other, he could hear him rather clearly.

    Taking in the smells as he walked, he couldn't help but catch a small whiff of something in the air that stood out, even if it was faint and almost unnoticeable among the other scents in the vicinity. It was the faint smell of strawberries.

    The smell reminded him of the fact that he hasn't eaten yet; so with a shrug he decided that he may as well find a place to stop bt for food that was hopefully on the cheap side.

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