Howling for Blood

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  1. The other Nerieds other than Lilac and Tidus seemed to have removed themselves from the conversation. The families were finished eating so now the mothers and siblings were grouping back together, getting ready to leave the great hall until the men of the village returned.

    "How long will are the men expected to take, exactly?" Trevor asked, now satisfied with the plan to meet the other races and feeling it was time to move on to a more imediate topic.

    They shouldn't be more than another hour or two." Lilac informed him with a soft smile. "They'll be delighted to see you both back."

    "That's an understatement!" Tidus laughed after speaking, expecting them to be just as riled up as he had been after hearing the news. "I don't think they'll even take a break to eat!" Knowing just how much their return meant to everyone of Biota was very humbling to Trevor. For a moment he even wondered if they could live up to the expectations of the people here only to quickly brush the idea aside. There was no room for thinking like that.
  2. Danylah blushed at the mention of making the soldiers extremely ecstatic. Just as Trevor wondered, she began to think if she could ever live up to the expectations of everyone that has been waiting for the two to come back. It worried her, that she might ruin everything and make matters worse. Was it even possible?

    She wasn't sure, and decided to clear her mind by getting up from her seat. "Lilac, may I speak with you in private?" she asked her with a raised eyebrow and soft smile. Lilac nodded, wondering what she wanted to speak of. Lilac led the way to an enclosed room, and looked at Danylah while she waited for her to talk.

    "I don't want to scare anyone, and I trust you with this information," Danylah breathed. Lilac nodded, suddenly concerned. "I'm a vampire, and my thirst is getting bigger each moment I don't think I can suppress it any longer," she murmured.
  3. "Strange." Tidus commented at Danylah's request to talk with Lilac in private, after they had left the room of course. "What do you suppose that's about?" he directed to Trevor, who had noticed this look in Danylah's eyes before she got up to leave with Lilac.

    "Who knows..." he answered, trying to be dismissive even though he had a feeling he knew what was bothering Danylah. "probably just feminine worries or something. She asked for the woman of the house specifically, right?" Trevor hoped that answer would be enough to persuade Tidus away from the subject. It seemed to have worked, Tidus quietly mouthed 'oooh' and directed his teal eyes towards the door the two women had left through for a moment before turning them back to Trevor.

    "How about you? Do you need anything, sire?" he asked, trying not to be impolite. "I can see something else troubles you."

    Tidus was more observant than Trevor gave him credit for, catching him off guard and causing his eyes to widen in surprise. "Oh, well..." he began. "You're aware of our elemental... gifts." he was unsure how to refer to them, but Tidus nodded his head to urge more out of him. "So far Danylah seems to have a better grasp of her elements. You said the other races are attuned to one of our elements each and since you Nerieds are water and that one is mine, could you do anything to help me learn to use it?"

    Now it was Tidus' turn to get surprised, but pleasantly so. "Indeed we can." he answered, giving Trevor a coy grin.
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    Lilac stood quiet for what seemed like hours. However, it was only three heartbeats. Was thinking of a way to run away? Or to help Danylah? Danylah wasn't sure, and was afraid of the answer. Finally, Lilac looked at her with soft eyes. "Maybe we can feed you blood bloomers?" Lilac asked her with a raised eyebrow. Danylah looked at her in wonder, curious to know what blood bloomers were. "They might be a tad spicy, with their heated petals. They have blood in the veins of its petals and stems. I can ask Tidus if he knows where they are. Maybe near the Pyros?" Lilac asked no one in particular.

    Danylah breathed, not knowing she was holding it in for the entire time. "Thank you so much, Lilac. I really owe you so much from feeding us...and helping us out. Evergreen as well," she explained with a soft smile. Lilac chuckled and shrugged it off. "No problem, my queen. It's my way of owing you for all of the great you've done in your past life," she informed her as the two walked back off to the table. Danylah looked at the two men, "What did we miss?" she asked the two.
  5. It wasn't long before Lilac and Danylah came back into the Grand Hall. Tidus had barely begun his explanation on how he could help Trevor out when the opening door silenced him. Danylah spoke and the two men looked at each other for a moment. "Well, the king wishes to learn more about controlling his elements." Tidus answered her question, a little less enthusiastic than he had been a minute ago. "Though it dawns on me that you will be leaving with Evergreen tomorrow. There won't really be time for any practice, so I'm afraid the best we can offer you for now is some helpful advice."

    Trevor suddenly felt foolish. Of course, there wasn't any time to learn the way he had hoped. "That will have to do," the disappointment in his own foresight evident with his tone. "It's not like we can wait around for me to fully understand everything I'd need to know. I'll just have to work on it myself."
  6. Danylah could hear the disappoint in Trevor's voice, and looked over to Tidus. "I mean...learning his talents would certainly help with everything that's going on. Why don't we stay for at least two days, or a day and a half? It's not much of a difference, but Trevor deserves to learn," Danylah spoke encouragingly as she looked at the two. Evergreen wanted to object, but Danylah had a point. She nodded slowly, a smile growing on Nylah's face in response.

    Tidus nodded heartily, "Well, we shall start in a few, and in the morning. Later tonight the feast shall take over the rest of your schedule," he explained. Danylah was proud of herself for coming up with a much better plan, and she hoped Trevor would get to learn enough so he wasn't behind in his own elements.
  7. Trevor stood in silence, watching Danylah as she put up more of a fight for him to have the chance to learn more about his new abilities than he himself had. Evergreen showed support of the idea as well, albeit reluctantly. He had been worried about the consequences of staying any longer than needed, but if Evergreen saw fit to say yes then they must have had a little wiggle room.


    The village had grown quiet the past several hours, awaiting the return of it's soldiers while their king and queen remained in the underground home of Lily and Tidus. For now Trevor was receiving basic knowledge on how to manipulate water. Things like what sort of mindset it responded to, the simplest ways to affect it. Things that he would be able to put to practical use straight away after getting a feel for it. Actual hands on practice would be put off until after the feast, of course, but it was a start.

    "Tidus! Tidus! The men have returned!" the voice of a women came from just outside the big double doors. Tidus flashed the king and queen a smile before responding to her.

    "Please, come in! You've no need to talk through the doorway." he called back, turning away from facing Trevor directly to look at the door. It must have been an unusual offer, because she hesitated for a few seconds before the handle was gripped and the door opened.

    "Me'sir, the men are back. I'm sure they'll be expecting to see you." she announced more calmly. She only went so far as to peek her head and shoulders through the opened door.

    "Wonderful! I'll go and see them straight away." he answered, giving her a nod. The girl smiled softly, moving back out of the door and closing it behind her.

    "Do you wish to come with me?" Tidus asked, walking towards the doorway, pausing to turn on his heel and await a reply. "We'll be heading straight to the grand hall for the banquette afterwards, but I think it would be great for them to meet you when they don't have their families clamoring for them." he added.
  8. Danylah was watching curiously as Trevor regained knowledge on how to manipulate water. She noted that she could help him as well, but later on if he truly needed it. They now relaxed for a bit, as she sat next to him with her hand on his knee. She then stood up as she heard a woman's voice exclaim that the men were back. Danylah stood up, ready to meet the soldiers that risk their lives everyday to save this precious land. As Tidus asked if they would like to come, Danylah was the first at the doorway. She was eager to meet them. Tidus couldn't help but smiel and chuckle. He began to lead the way.

    Once they made it to their destination, Danylah couldn't help but be in awe of all the men that sacrificed their lives each day. They all stood proud, no matter how small or big they were. Once Danylah was in shot of their glance, they all immediately bowed their heads. She blushed, surprised that they still showed affection to her and Trevor after so many years.
  9. "I can't believe my eyes!" one of the men exclaimed as their heads raised back up from bowing. Trevor's eyes went over each man, noting just how many scars and cuts they all had. They were seasoned soldiers, that's for certain. "The king and queen... they're really back..." the voice of the same man followed up on his previous remark. Trevor spotted him this time. He was a little leaner than most of the others, but among the tallest of them as well and was about the same shade of blue as Lilac. He also had a rather large scar angled down his right cheek and over his lips. It gave him quite the distinct appearance.

    "That's right! They're back and we have already begun to set a plan in motion for them to retake their thrones." Tidus piped up, standing before his soldiers with a proud smile. "But we'll talk more of that later. For now it's best that we get to the grand hall, we don't want to keep the women waiting on you." he ordered as he spun on his heel, waving them forward to follow him. "You may ask them questions on the way, or after the feast. It's up to you."

    With the order given, a few of the soldiers continued to murmur quietly among themselves while following along behind Tidus. Not ten seconds later a handful of them turned their heads to look up at Trevor and Danylah again, their faces still showing traces of disbelief mixed with a new found hope.
  10. Danylah felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in within her chest as the one man's voice seemed to be filled with relief and surprise because the two were here. It made Danylah smile, knowing she could make someone feel that merely by her presence, made her feel wanted--needed. She followed Tidus and Trevor, and nodded her head as he explained that they could ask the soldiers questions if they wished. Danylah would, but kept all of her comments and questions to herself for the men were more excited to see their families and eat.

    Danylah felt eyes on her as she walked close to Trevor, then looked up to see a handful of the soldiers looking at them. She blushed, and chuckled nervously in return to their stares. "I would just like to thank all of you...for the sacrifices you have made to keep this place alive," Danylah spoke loud enough for them all to hear her words. Most of them turned around, and gave her a sweet smile. It seemed that she hadn't changed at all like most of them remembered.
  11. The soldiers were clearly in raised spirits now that they had seen their king and queen alive, well and back in Biota with their own eyes. Danylah's statement left many of them smiling and a few of them even turning away in embarrassment over being addressed by their queen.

    "That's not all," Trevor pitched in, knowing that these soldiers still needed more of a morale boost. "We're going to see the other races. We're going to unite them all together and we are going to take your home -- our home back!" Trevor was a little surprised at how he had corrected himself without even needing to consciously think about it. The men began to cheer! There was a plan, a good one. With all of the different peoples of Biota united under the royal family, they couldn't possibly fail! At least, that was what Trevor picked out of some of the conversations the soldiers were now having.

    Tidus looked over his shoulder, wearing a smile himself even though he knew he needed to keep order. "Alright, alright. That's enough for now. We can't be causing a ruckus when we get to the grand hall. Your wives will want to see all of you straight away." he reminded them. It became obvious just which ones among them were married, as their faces showed distinct signs of day dreaming, all of them about getting to reunite with their significant other.