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  1. “It’s coming…” A single voice seemed to whisper into the empty space before an echo began, other voice chipped in. “It’s coming; it’s coming its coming its coming its coming!” The voice seemed to grow in volume, light sparked and flashed before they started to spin. The earth appeared in the middle of the darkness. “It’s coming!” The world began to spin and it seemed as if the planet started to go crazy. Miniature explosions seemed to appear across the surface of its globe. “Wake up, hurry, its coming!” The voice began to scream and more lights started to flash crazily. Then, a howl echoed through the room. The voices stopped, the lights froze. As the first howl began to ebb, another howl took up in its place. “They’re awake…” The first voice whispered once before the lights dimmed and the earth faded.

    Every few hundred years, a possible world ending catastrophe happens. Then why is the world, well, still here? Because every time something begins, guardians intervene to end it before it can end the world. Time has lapsed since the last awakening. Another awakening is taking place, this time, the world is about to go to the wolves. Dire wolves, one branch of guardians, are waking up. Something is about to happen and it’s big enough to possibly end the world. Well, if the wolves let it.

    Each wolf is the guardian of something, whether it is fire, happiness, death, the sun, trees, or anything in between. A dire wolf looks a lot like a normal wolf, except they’re bigger and their coloration has more variants. This brand of wolf also has a larger amount of intelligence than the normal wolf equal to, if not surpassing, that of a humans. However, they still function like a wolf; they cannot speak as a human would. But they do have a telepathic link between pack members. They have some ability or power that corresponds to what they guard. Each wolf also has a human illusion they can cast on their normal bodies to disguise them from humans. But these illusions only fool the sense of sight. They still feel, smell and if they make any noise, sound, like wolves. Their essence is immortal, if they die in this cycle; they will still wake up the next time the wolf awakening comes.

    This time the battle is taking place in the United States; demons are sprouting up, possessing humans and animals alike. Something is causing a shift in the balance and the wolves need to stop it. This is set in current times. Each wolf wakes up by themselves, they have to find the rest of the pack and go about protecting the world the best they can.

    And that’s all I’m giving ya’ll we’ll work anything else out as a group. Pack Ranking will be decided as a group.

  2. Name: Lupa
    Gender: Female
    Guardian: Fire
    Ability/Power/Whatever: Combustion
    Appearance: 12020210.jpg
    Personality: Stubborn,Hot headed,Playful

    Name: Ulfric
    Gender: Male
    Guardian: Death
    Ability/Power/Whatever: Necromancy
    Appearance: alpha_10.jpg
    Personality: Calm,Protective,Talks only when he sees fit
  3. Name : Inthir

    Guardian : of the forest and all its inhabitants.

    Ability : The rosebushes sting -
    As a young guardian, Inthir spent much of his time amongst the flowers in the heat of a summers day, bounding thoughout the fields of color and aroma. During one of his usually merry pads, something sharp pierced his paw. Leaping back with a yelp, the young pup trained his blue eyes on the source of the pain. A lone rosebush stood defiantly amonst the flowers, proud crimson petals slightly flattened from its encounter with Inthir's paw. Thick thorns could be seen on its stem, guarding their host from harm. Lowering his muzzle towards the injured paw, a look of admiration came over the wolfs features. With a rush of wind, the young guardian absorbed the thorn into his essence, gaining the ability to wreath his form in rosethorns which could be launched at attackers.

    Personality : As gentle as the swaying of the trees, Inthir is kind and benevolent in all his ways. Though he can be blind in difficult situations due to his exceeding compassion for all things living, he is nonetheless a companion who can be counted on in a tough bind.

    Facial marking : Du Dans Roa "The damp river"
    This marking was given to Inthir by a very powerful guardian of the forest, a predecessor of his father. The marking contains a light enchantment, which gives Inthirs howl a calming and peaceful quality, even in the heat of battle. It is useful for rallying those who have lost their courage.

    Appearance :
  4. Name: Laila
    Guardian: Guardian of the Night
    Ability/Power/Whatever: She can “sing” someone to sleep. Power works as long as the target can hear her howl. She can choose who the howl effects, just one target, or the entire population within hearing distance.
    Personality: She’s shy, but very loyal. She has a soft spot for the young of any kind.


    Both of yall are accepted by the way...
  5. Alright, so I figure we can go ahead and set up the initial pack ranking and start after its established? Sound okay?
  6. Yes it sounds fine, because it hopefully means I'm still allowed to join :)

    Name: Mesi
    Guardian: Water
    Ability/Power/Whatever: She can breath under water, and of course swim very well (if I should be putting it in here :/ )
    Personality: Very calm, hard to annoy. When finally gets mad, can stay that way for several day unless offered a sincere apology. Not quick to make decisions, wants to think about every option carefully. Will speak up her mind if feels that conversation is going to a bad direction. But because she's a careful thinker, she might not participate in the conversation, if it's going nicely in her opinion. Sort of a peace maker and easy to get along with. Doesn't enjoy being alone.
  7. Accepted. We still need to figure out ranking though.
    Does anyone have preferences?
  8. Somewhere in the middle is fine with me
  9. Alpha: Ulfric
    Beta: Mesi
    Omega: Laila

    Is what I propose, however, it wont be set in place till everyone is in accord.
  10. Fine with me
  11. name: spirt
    gardune: of the spirts in the forset
    powers: talks to the spirts of the forset and can ask for there help
    personaltily: slint shy and caring
    looks like: find a pic tommorow ;)