Howdy y'all

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  1. Sup killas?

    I've been out of the groove of roleplaying for a while now and looking to jump back in head first.

    If any current roleplays need recruits, I'm open for business.
    I'm well rounded with fair knowledge of most genres and very flexible. I do work full time plus some so not always online, but I can usually hop on once a day. Of course, just like everyone else, I do have my favorites.
    I love to battle, go on adventures, have a little romance... Catering preferably to fantasy and horror genres.

    So hit me up. Guaranteed good fuckin' time.

  2. DUDE. You totally threw me off. I was expecting to read things over on the left and then WABAM you smack me in the face with a right, and I am just DUDE. -nods-

    Anyhow. Howdy! :D Welcome to Iwaku!

  3. Haha~ -gives an extravagant bow- One of my many signatures.

    Thanks for the welcome. Very appreciated. Hoping to stick around for a while.​
  4. Well, hopefully you do stick around for a really long time. Welcome to Iwaku, :). Check out the JumpIn forum for some quick roleplaying!