Howdy Ho Cherri-Os! :)

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  1. Hey hey! :) I don't have a lot to say so I'll just be posting my "About Me."

    Hey there! :) I'm ZZ, I grew up and graduated high school in the state of New York (NOT THE CITY!!), and have recently moved down to Tennessee. I was in College for a year before deciding it wasn't for me, so now I just work at a grocery store.
    I'm a geek born and raised (my parents played D&D when they were together, and now both play video games. My mom's also really into Anime and Manga!). I like a variety of things, my biggest thing right now is Homestuck, but I also enjoy Adventure Time, MMORPGs of all sorts, Steam Powered Giraffe, Dr. Who, Portal/Portal 2, Skyrim, Bioshock/Bioshock 2/Bioshock Infinite, etc. etc.
    Where I live now I'm also a liver of the BDSM lifestyle. This allows me a lot of on hand information on the life and play, so if you're into something like that I'm more than happy to talk about such with you.
    As far as technicalities go, I was born female and still have a female body, but I feel I'm more of a gender neutral human being and go by genderfluid. I'm also pansexual! :) I've been told I'm pretty laid back, so I'm very much willing to make a joke on all topics.
    I have gone through a lot of bullying and hard roads with my father leaving me at age four, my depression and bi-polar disorder etc. etc., so I have a few things that I will not tolerate. For the most part though, I say live and let live, and as long as you're not a shitty human being I think we could get along. :)
    Thanks for reading!!
  2. welcome to Iwaku! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. no problem! If you want to start your own rp just post on my wall anytime, Im always looking for new interesting rp's