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  1. As I was making pancakes for breakfast something told me... you gotta talk about this. So I am strange. I like my pancakes a certain way and if I have one with crispy sides I won't eat it. I like mine ... as you would order a burger/steak ... medium rare. Just cooked enough to flip it and still have a the center raw.

    Any one out there have 'weird' ways of making their food or adding stuff to it like for example.... ketchup?

    I would be intrigued to know your stories c: No matter how 'gross' or odd they may sound.
  2. I like things to be extra crispy. Chicken, mozzi sticks, fries/tots, tortillas, fish sticks, bacon... If there's no flavorful crunch, I might not enjoy it very much. (Except for the bacon, I'll eat that shit any way any how unless it's raw. xD)

    In the case of burgers, I like for my condiments to always be on the bottom bun underneath the patty. The cheese has to be directly on top of the meat, then the fried egg, then the bacon. (Yeah, I basically eat cholesterol on bread. :|) If it's put together any other way, I'll dismantle it and fix it myself, even at the risk of ruining the bun.

    I'll eat PB&J only with strawberry jam. Any other flavor is gross to me.

    I like to eat cool h'whip on my applesauce. It's something I always ate as a kid, so eating it in my adult age brings back fond memories of when I didn't have as many worries as I do now. :]
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  3. Bacon inside ice might think its delicious but when a fast food came up with it (I think it was Wendys not sure) it tasted terrible.

    On another note I just remember something. I don't know how but I think any type of chocolate good goes well with a glass of Fruit Punch Gatorade. It's just the perfect mix. Yumm! Bite the, let's say... chocolate muffing then just drink that and its... foodgarsmic! :D
  4. @Lenuvia I've never had the fast food version, but I've added bacon to my own ice cream. Though it tasted pretty great o.o

    I can't eat toast if it's been toasted too long. What I'd call toast most people would still consider just bread. Unless it's on a grilled cheese. Then you need the crunch.

    Ever since I was young, I always had cheese whiz mixed in with my mashed potatoes. Its one of the only ways I eat cheese whiz, and the only reason I still buy it.

    I like egg whites, but absolutely hate egg yolk. If I'm going to eat the yolk, it needs to be mixed in with the whites during the cooking. So omelettes and scrambled eggs are fine, but things like sunny side and the like? All my nopes.
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  5. I never ever pour my syrup on my pancakes anymore. O_O I dip the pancakes in the syrup!

    I always rearrange my roast beef sammiches from Arbys. >>; I restack the slices of beef so they're in even layers and then squeeze the horsysauce and arbys sauce in between the layers.
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  6. Grilled cheese with a pickle or gtfo

    Steak so rare a good vet could still revive it

    If my eggs run even a little I will strangle you

    Batter my shellfish and die

    Fish can be covered in batter, but not breadcrumbs

    I take every kind of tea differently. Some get honey, some get sugar, some are better straight. Black teas usually want milk but not all of them... It's complicated shit!
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  7. I have many peculiar ways of eating my food;

    Steak - I can't eat it if it's overcooked, I can't eat it medium rare, I need it so bloody that it's practically able to moo. @Minibit /hi5

    Meats - I refuse to eat my meats dry, if I can avoid it. Ketchup on my burger, brown mustard on my bratwurst, relish on my hot dogs, barbecue sauce on my chicken. Those are all just examples of some of the things I like eating my meat with. I can't tolerate it without a little extra something.

    Salt - My holy grail of after-cooking seasoning. If I think something is bland, or could use an extra kick, I'll sprinkle a little salt on it to make it pop. I love eating my baked potato with a slice of butter, a spoonful of sour cream, and a little salt.

    Chili, gumbo, etc. - The way I eat my stews and soups would make other people cry. I love it when it's so hot, you feel like you're having oral relations with the sun. Chili powder, diced jalapenos with the seeds, anything to give it that extra punch. I always have my chili with a glass of milk too.

    I could carry on and on about my weird quirks, but then we'd be here all day.
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  8. I hate pancakes with syrup. I pretty much dislike pancakes in general, but I will not eat them at all if there's syrup involved.
  9. I'm like Fluffy in the case that things need to be crispy. I actually prefer my bacon to be crispy as well. If it's not I won't enjoy it as much.

    I hate runny eggs, so poached eggs or soft boiled eggs are disgusting to me.

    My family will eat some of the fat trimmings on their meat, but I absolutely can't stand it. It's why I won't eat Banh Mi because I've bitten into those sandwiches and all I get is a mouthful of untrimmed fat. Disgusting.

    I used to hate tomatoes except in ketchup form, but I'm slowly... Slowllllyyyy eating them fresh.
  10. I'm not a picky eater in general. I'll eat most things.
    However . . .

    If I eat an apple it has to be cut into slices first.
    When I had braces I broke a couple brackets biting into whole apples.

    Also if anything has fresh cilantro on it I won't touch it. Cilantro cooked into something is fine. I just won't eat it fresh. There's something about the taste I dislike.
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  11. I have a few truly weird things.
    Tuna fish spooned onto a hot dog bun, smeared with sour cream and a generous dollop of horseradish. Much tasty. Such yum.
    Hot red peppers in mac & cheese. I have this paprika from Hungary with more scoville's than japs, and I pour that shit on until my eyes water.
    I like mixing almost any "Eastern" tea with soymilk/rice milk. Especially chai and mate.
    Nacho cheese doritos are about five times better than actual cheese on burgers, because they're salty and crispy!
    Ranch is good on pizza. Caesar salad dressing is better.
    Sprite drunk through a sour punch straw is fucking incredible, but will murder your teeth.

    And now fun fact of the day! @Falcon's cilantro comment reminds me of a fun article I read the other day.
    Human beings can smell a few hundred individual chemicals. It's the combination of these chemicals that give everything in the world its individual smell/taste. Think of it like an alphabet, but instead of twenty-six characters there are hundreds and hundreds. O.O
    Now, not everyone pronounces every letter the same way. Cilantro is one of these! A major chemical component of the cilantro taste is connected to a recessive gene. To most of the world, it's a soapy or bitter taste. But to a minority, it's a green, almost citrus-y taste. That's part of the reason why there's such a divide between loving and hating cilantro! A similar gene is responsible for the smell of man sweat. About ten percent, I think, of the population perceives man-sweat as being sweet and alluring instead of stinky and musky.
    The more you know! I think the biological side to taste and perception is just fascinating.
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  12. Ha ha, I thought the cilantro taste gene was the other way around. :)
    Must just be that the people who like the stuff live all around me. I'm usually the odd one out.

    On another note, I LOVE chocolate chips mixed in with my peanut butter. Not just any kind, but the dark ones. Dark chocolate minis are the best <3
    I will eat ranch dressing with nearly anything (just not dessert)
    I consider adding stuff to my coffee to be an insult to a good brew. If I like the coffee I drink it black. If I don't I've probably put some milk and sugar in.
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  13. It might be the other way around, I'm not 100% sure. ^^ I think it's the minority, though, since I remember being surprised by reading it. I live in the Southwest, though, where there's a high concentration of cilantro likers.

    I dunked oreos in coffee once. Do not recommend. Coffee milkshakes, however, are awesome.
    I'm also quite fond of adding powdered instant coffee to various desserts. Coffee chip cookies are really good. XD
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  14. I like chipotle sauce on pizza. I also like onion dip on pizza. And cheese curls in onion dip. Oh man. This is why I'm fat.
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  15. chipotle pizza sounds fucking amazing.
  16. Chipotle pizza with cilantro and sour cream...
  17. Eww, cilantro. Bitter & soapy to me. XD I think I'd probably make a chipotle sour cream ranch style dipping sauce for my pizza.
    mmm. I'm already having cold pizza for breakfast tomorrow.
  18. When it comes to breakfast items (pancakes, french toast, etc.), I simply take my sunny-side-up egg (or over-easy egg, depending on who cooked it) and plop the egg on top, right over the butter. Then stab the yolk until it runs everywhere. :D

    As for some odd foods, I love creamy foods. I'm not sure why I have a liking for it, but I do. Hell, if there's leftover gravy and I'm in the mood for some ramen, I'll scoop in a spoonful or two while the noodles are boiling.

    Also, peanut butter and banana sandwiches are pretty delicious. So are peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, but only if it's dill. I can't get on with those bread-and-butter pickles.
  19. With pizza, the cheese has to be golden yellow, no white cheese otherwise I won't eat it. Somewhat burnt but not tar burnt. With hamburgers, they have to be done on the inside, well done, no pink meat. Uhhh...spaghetti, I only like a little sauce, if something comes with sauce to be mixed I have to be the one mixing it. I don't like yolk in fried eggs, I take them out.
  20. With toast, I just want it warmed to the point with a tiny crunch. If it isn't, then I won't eat it.
    I also find with burgers, I like it very juicy and still a bit pink, else I feel like I'm eating a brick.
    The way I cook my ramen is a tad bit weird as well, I guess, because I like the noodles a little crunchy.
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