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  1. Hey guys, glad to be here! The name's Arcadium here, but I also have tons of other nicknames and amalgamations of said nicknames, like Aria, Rei, Cadi, Arc.. My favorite is Dium, like carpe diem-- man, what even are my aliases even I dunno that

    Anyways, pretty big on roleplaying, like REALLY big-- but I've been sort of on 'safe mode' for a while, which hopefully ends effective NOW after this intro! I'm 17, birthday's coming 'round the bend-- both excited and really anxious about that-- and I have interests and am in fandoms stretching legions! Seriously, ask me-- any series from a comic, video game, anything-- I'm sure to know about it and if not, enlighten me by any and all means.

    I tend to get into group roleplays every now and then, but really, 1-on-1 RPs are something I can focus on better. A set group, however, is something I can usually get by as well.

    Other than that, I'm a pretty easygoing dude who enjoys talking and fun and not to mention long walks on the beach! Not only that, but-- oh.

    Oh, that's it. Welp. Nice to meet'cha guys. ^^
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  2. Hllo nice to see a fellow New person XD
  3. Welcome :) Hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Dium! What's some of your favorite video games?
  5. Well, that's a tough one-- I'm a fan of adventure and action games (too many to count), I play fighting games from time to time (Smash and Street Fighter among other unspoken gems), can't seem to put down RPGs (We've got Pokemon, we've got Golden Sun, Fire Emblem).. And open worlders are a favorite as well, like Skyrim and such. Games that can technically be called freeware or indie (like Cave Story or the recent Undertale) also have a space in my too-big-to-contain-in-my-body heart.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.