How would you feel about a roleplay with pre-determined character sketches?

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  1. I used to roleplay on Tumblr a bit, and pre-determined character sketches were a common thing there: you would have to choose from a list of characters with already assigned names, appearances, and basic personality traits who all fit into the plot in a certain way.

    It may sound bad to roleplayers who are used to having free reign on their character's creation, and take pride in their character's originality, but it's actually not as bad as it sounds in my opinion - you still have free reign on your character's development beyond the basic frame and the way one person goes with that character may be completely different from how another person would choose to form them.

    The benefit of it is that everyone fits neatly into the plot, and it's easier to start because no one has to fuss about figuring out relationships and how their character fits into the grand scheme of things. And every character starts out on an equal playing field of development, so there won't be one character sheet with one-word fill-ins and another character sheet with several paragraphs and pictures. Everyone's character is equally described and equally important, and it's easier for players to get integrated into the plot and figure out how they want to express their role instead of fighting for that role to begin with.

    I kind of want to start a roleplay with these pre-determined roles, but I'm afraid that if I do no one will want to join because no one's interested in being forced to use pre-named, pre-described characters.

    How opposed to this idea would you be, and for people who know the group roleplaying atmosphere of Iwaku better than I might - do you think this kind of roleplay could ever have enough interest and activity to be successful?

    Be honest, I'd rather not try and start that kind of roleplay to begin with than put the effort into starting it and failing completely.

  2. Well, personally I'm running out of ideas for characters to predetermined character sketches should do with me XS Though to be completely honest I'm not sure what the rest of the community thinks, but I'll be fine with something like that o-o
  3. I think it is a night thing and I would probably join in such a thing, it is cool for a change and I don't see a problem with it.
  4. I've never done such a thing, but it's an interesting idea honestly. I would be willing to give it a try. My personal concern is I get attached to characters I write, even if it's an "on the fly" npc. And then I'll never technically be able to call them MY character, because technically, I didn't make them. >_> Probably not along the issue you're thinking of though.
  5. I think you kind of would though! Well, maybe not by your personal standards, and that's understandable, but when I did a roleplay like that, I definitely took pride in the way I was able to uniquely express my character, even though her name and face and basic nature had not been chosen by me. No one thought of the character as the mod's (roleplay creator's) character - they thought of her as my character, and that was meaningful.

    But like I said, your standards are your standards, and if you wouldn't be comfortable with it than it's fine ^_^ I just wanted to let you know that it wouldn't be wrong or impossible to claim the character as your own, because even though they were technically created by someone else, you create who they actually become. Kind of like how your parents create you but you own your own self and personality and choices haha.
  6. I used to be part of another site where this was common. I initially felt the same as Jester, but when I tried it I adopted them as my own. I was attached to the characters as I formed to my own vision.

    Depending on the theme, I would be interested Muffin.
  7. Lev Lev Lev is interested too!
  8. If you need another player, I'd be game.
  9. Huh.

    I've never seen before any roleplay working this way. I'd definetely game to try it out.
  10. I'd be interested in giving a shot. Not too different than an actor adapting themselves to a role.
  11. Definitely depends on the plot and genre, but if you made it I'd take a glance over the character list and see if any interested me. ^^
  12. I'm cool with that! The only reason i never did the 'pre-determined' characters was because their was always like zero diversity in most of the rps that I found. And if there were there would be irritating little stereotypes pinned to the character's back.
    But yeah it would be fun to play a character that's already set up.
  13. Seems like something I could get interested in, depending on the genre.

    Sign me up!
  14. Pre-determined characters, that's exactly what my actor friends deal with on a regular basis, and still manage to make the characters their own. Every single time it's played, it is the same story, and somehow different.

    Go for it. Build it and they will come!
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