How we all compare love

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  1. The runes that were in her body began to glow all over her as they etched her very soul. Alex was full of so much glee he climaxed deep inside of her*
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    *Kicks emoness into cage*


    -Draws you in like a good plot...
    -Confuses you and make you wonder whats coming next like a good plot...
    -Makes you believe like a good plot...
    -Takes work like a good plot...
    -Makes you wish you had more like a good plot...
    -Stays in your mind even when you're mot looking like a good plot...
    -When it ends badly it crushes your soul like a good plot...

    This should be in general chatting methinks
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    Love is like:

    -A dream that never ends, or a nightmare with no escape.
    -The ocean. It can be calm and soothing, but at the same time harsh and unforgiving.
    -A slushy. Everyone likes getting it, but if you consume it too fast, you'll get hurt.
  4. A good ol' blowjob.

    Getting drunk as fuck.

    And I've got nothing else.
  5. -the sparkling water of a waterfall
    -an excuse
    -a necessity
  6. I did it different I think. >__< But here are my thoughts anyway!

    -Love is like hell, your GOING to get burnt. ...(old viewpoint)

    (and now getting into the mushy/hopeless romantic side of myself)

    -Love is turning over in the morning and seeing the smiling face beside you.
    -Love is the simple kiss to the forehead.
    -Love is the way your eyes speak to my soul.
    -Love is taking a leap, trusting that you'll be caught...even if you may not be.
    -Love is like a newborn: innocent and fragile....growing into something strong through the years.

    Love is like:

    -Picking strawberries as a child, getting your fingers stained as you eat more than you put in the basket. (Just reminds me of the attitude when in love, just like the kid and the sometimes can't get enough.)

  7. John kissed her back softly
  8. Love is like a Tiger it could Leap out and kill you on the inside or it can come over by you and make you feel safer.
  9. Love is

    - a Boot to the Head.
  10. .... Love is like a thread that stops and starts and stops and starts?
  11. Astaroth appeared with Melissa standout outside the door to his home.
  12. Astaroth hummed as he french braided her hair.
  13. Love is like an eight ball. You shake it all you want, but all you get are cryptic messages that may or may not ACTUALLY APPLY to you.
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  14. Love is like a song. It keeps you on your toes and makes your significant other go, "DANCE, BITCH, DANCE! MWAHAHAHA!"
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  15. Love is like a phone that doesn't work. People try to call and get redirected to the voicemail.