How To Stop The World's Greatest Vigilante

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  1. HEADS UP!

    This is an RP about real-life superheroes. That means NO SUPERPOWERS.

    But that doesn't mean there can't be some suspension of disbelief. Maybe a guy that's good with science has some cool tech, or a guy who collects weapons. Maybe the more athletic types can say they physically trained their bodies to high levels of ability.


    The Story...

    "When things started with the 'fad,' it was all about being a vigilante. It's evolved these days into being more of a 'masked adventurer.' But that's nothing to the man who made this all possible. These days, I go by Noah Ferrigno. But no one knew that till they got me in the end. I went by other names. The first Alias was a favorite though. BrightSpark. When people used to love me, and the things I did. At first it was almost just spark, but after my first big save, stopping a guy from robbing a church, I was told that I was a 'bright beacon in the darkness' of this city. Then, I was just the college kid with a thing for fireworks. I was innocent. Had a costume I put together as the best thing to hold all my gear.

    (The 'Old' Rags…)


    I was one of the best of the best. One of the founding members of the Righteous Society. Sure, maybe not one of the Big Three, like Captain Utopia, Shadowlaw, or Lady Safeguard. I was still apart of the top ten. People knew me. Loved me. But then it all changed one day. There was a madman who called himself 'Bigg Bash.' Thought he was funny at first. Till I found out he was a terrorist with mental issues. Had friends who shared views. And firearms.

    I learned the hard way when he killed everyone in an entire hospital. I was too late by the time I'd arrived. I couldn't sleep for three whole weeks. Maybe months. Had nightmares about all the people that died. Captain Utopia helped me take him and his boys down, broke my arm in the process. I can never get those people back. Bigg Bash, though we roughed him up, got away, and still lurks in New Metro City. Since then, even the petty criminals have turned themselves in when they see me. They feel pity. Deep down, it feels like everyone hated me for not doing something about it.

    Well, then I did something. Something I've come to regret…The day I became so angry. So heartbroken. I began to amass everything I could get my hands on to make weapons. A new suit. The day I thought I could change everything by fighting a one man war on crime, by killing every gangster, every rotten to the core bastard I could find. Petty criminals were beneath me. They ran at my sight, scared. I thought I would be doing right by spilling guilty blood and giving crime a new enemy, fighting both former friends and supervillain archenemies in the process...

    Now I shall recount those terrible days...



    Skip to a week or two after Bigg Bash's attack, and BrightSpark's disappearance. You are either a hero or villain who has witnessed the tragedy of the New Metro Central Hospital Massacre right when it happened, or on the news. Now, your judgement won't matter much, because the lines have blurred between good and evil: You've just read in the papers that someone, or something is offing big name criminals, and even heroes that stand in its way.

    Soon, Noah Ferrigno will make his presence known under his new identity as a violent vigilante. Heroes and villains alike must unite against him, and those that choose to follow his mad promises of peace...


    Appearance: (Physical body, Costume, and casual appearance)


    Items: (If Any)
    Weapons: (If Any)

    Skills/Abilities: (No Superpowers!)

    Quote(s): (Optional)
    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Theme Song: (Optional)

    Extra: (Optional)

  2. Name: Noah Ferrigno
    Alias: Viridian (Hallucination)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42

    Physical- Noah Sports dark brown hair. Currently, on the lower sides, it's starting to turn white with age and stress. Has green eyes, and caucasian skin on a muscular build standing at 6ft.

    Casual Clothing - "I Gave Up Noah Ferrigno so I could fight crime 24/7 as Viridian…"

    Costume - It was a masterpiece: The old outfit already had a hidden layer of thin armor ingeniously designed by Ferrigno himself. This new version is a lightweight, flexible armor of sorts. It boasted the ability to stand up to nearly any bullet that wasn't either a magnum, or a machine gun. The Cape was flame-retardant, and made of a heavy fabric strong enough to stand up to knives and other bladed weapons. But to Noah, the combined weight is little.

    History: Justice was always something Noah wanted to believe in. His grandfather was a cop, his own dad was a cop, he practically happened to be next in line for the badge. Of course, then there was the unforeseen consequence of his father dying in the line of duty at a young age. His mother would grow mentally unstable, and needed Noah's grandparents to help her through it all.

    Noah went through lots of things alone in a way. Gave up the dreams of the blue uniform at his mother's request to become big in academics. Bullying was no surprise at all. But he learned fast that he had to handle his problems. His Grandfather stepped in, and had him begin some self-defense training with an old friend from the force who mostly taught him the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, and some practice in grappling arts if it ever came to that. Really helped him when he started getting into fights at school, and happened to win many of them.

    But his martial arts mentor also gave him another thing to be interested in: Fireworks. Whenever there was a quiet night when no one would care, or some big event where they could have a little fun, Noah would play with fireworks. Sometimes they even went out to the countryside, found a field with a shed, and played with old explosives. But he did more than blow them up. He studied them. Learned them. Even made his own in his spare time. But always made sure to keep his practice a secret.

    He left home to continue his education, taking up his own apartment, and running odd jobs for others, trying to find a place that would take him as an employee…Of course, with a higher education, meant a higher rate for crime. Now, since age 16, Noah was big on films and comic books, and still partaking in training himself physically. One day, he woke up, looked himself in the mirror, and pulled out a smoke bomb from the medicine cabinet. He could do things with his knowledge.

    And So he did. He became BrightSpark, and became one of New Metro's finest, and most popular heroes, until the New Metro Central Hospital Massacre By Bigg Bash. Now he's the violent, fear-inspiring madman known as 'Viridian,' who believes he can make more of a difference than any other hero could ever have done...

    Items: Noah possesses a modified cellphone and a lockpick device rather than keys to his home/car/ETC among other things.

    Weapons: Noah's suit has dozens of concealed weapons, including explosives and fireworks in the mix. His wrist gauntlets possess flamethrowers that shoot out bright green colored flames, as well as gas guns that fire green smoke that he can lace with a powerful hallucinogen he created himself, which gives him his Alias.

    Skills/Abilities: From a young age, Noah has trained in Jeet Kune Do and some mish mashes of grappling. Now he's studied other arts. In addition, he can handle himself well in the field of science, his knowledge of explosives and pyrotechnics, and understands both heroes and villains alike, making him incredibly dangerous.


    "I'm Just trying to make things right: By hitting evil where it hurts. To make sure men like him never do such horrific things…never again. To anyone. No one should have to go through what happened at the hospital..."

    "Why wear a mask and costume? You tell me this: How many people would be laughing when some 20 year old youngster in normal clothing tries to go beyond just 'trying' to stop that one random mugging they bump into. To try and stop any and all muggings he can find. To go after entire gangs, and all that spiel. I think I'd rather look somewhat more menacing when I'd start off, personally. I mean, I'm no Batman, but if you make something nice, you can scare them the first time around. Throw in a little act, and a little 'bad dude' attitude, and maybe, just maybe they'll remember you for the rest of their lives. Yowza."

    Fun Facts: Began crime fighting in college, at age 20.

    Theme Song:

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