How to Start a Roleplay

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    [size=+2]How to Start a Roleplay

    Green Light Means Begin!

    It's best to know exactly what you're starting with and what you want out of this. What's your inspiration, your idea? Consider, if you're basing it off of an idea such as a show or book, whether you wish to follow the story or make up your own branches to it. If it's an original idea, it's often a good idea to consider some important aspects of the roleplay before you begin.

    1.) What time period does this take place in or, if you don't want to be that specific or its a fantasy setting, what level of technology is possessed? This provides a clear basis for others as to what the world will be like: guns and airplanes or horses and arrows?

    2.) Magic or no magic? What level do you wish your roleplay to have, from full-blown fireballs and magnetic manipulation to none at all. There can be varying levels to this, so don't assume it has to be one or the other!

    3.) Are there alternate races for people to choose to play or is it limited to humans?

    In allowing for a freedom and creativity on the part of my roleplayers, I do not plan out the ending of a roleplay exactly. I find it to be much more fun for everyone involved if the ending is not pre-decided. The roleplay can take unexpected and exciting turns if the ending is not concrete. However, having a plan is important so that the roleplay has a smaller chance of stagnating!

    Yellow means get started, but take your time!

    When you begin the thread for your new roleplay offspring, the rush of ideas and enthusiasm is to be expected and is very gratifying! However, make sure that you give an accurate idea of your roleplay and provide enough information to interest people.

    A clear, concise summary of your roleplay should be given to serve as a hook with which to catch your roleplayers! The method this is done is entirely up to choice, however. Diana's recent roleplay "Glowing Tree" utilizes a convenient and clear break-up of the important aspects of the roleplay. Others, such as Asmodeus's "Dark Reign" begin by telling a story.

    Other elements that are important to include are: time period, magic usage, viable races for characters, and any other specific information that the players should know before the roleplay begins.

    Make sure a character sheet format is established if you have certain aspects of a character that you wish to be defined. Otherwise, make sure that the other members of your roleplay know that the format for sheets is open.

    Now wait for the players to come rolling in! Oh, wait...


    Many people forget this important aspect of creating a roleplay. This often leads to discouragement due to the lack of roleplayers that join their game. In reality, many roleplays are created each week and without a teaser or tagline to draw players who appreciate your genre and idea to you, people who might join your roleplay get caught up in the bustle of all the many different games being posted.
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